Allayth Ibn idris

Allayth Ibn idris

Based on a foundation of deep love for Arabic calligraphy and the language itself, I create art that gives Arabic and Ottoman Turkish words physical forms using the written words themselves. For instance, drawing a ship using the word for 'ship' in Arabic or Ottoman Turkish, so you literally see what I mean (s.w.i.m). I also often like to give physical form to concepts / ideas like infinity or pain to see how people react to them because I learned through much travel and experiencing of diverse cultures how background can affect the way we see things.

My usage of Ottoman Turkish stems from my time in Turkey. I learned many things, amongst them was how much influence Arabic had on Ottoman Turkish, and subsequently modern Turkish. Because of this and that it was written using the Arabic script, I feel that the language is worth reviving a love for and have personally taken it upon myself to do so, however, tough that may be. My ultimate goal through my art is expressing my love for Arabic and Ottoman Turkish and hopefully breeding some of that love in those that view it.

I primarily work with acrylics on canvas.

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