Álvaro Soto

Álvaro Soto

I see myself as an explorer in search of light and color.

I was born in the south of Spain, where I return from time to time from my current location in the north of Germany, to visit family and friends (enjoying the sun, and the fine food and wine plays a role too, I can't deny it :-) )

I have been attracted to photography my whole life, but it wasn't until some years ago that the impulse to put my vision into expressive images was "awakened". For me the big leap happens when you stop "taking pictures" and begin "creating images" in a conscious way.

Photography is for me an art, and so my intent when working on an image is to create a work of art (if I get it or not it's for you to decide :-) ). My concept of photography (and of any kind of art) is simple: all is about feeling and emotion. With my pictures I try to convey the emotion that I felt while in front of the subject.

Nature, architecture and urban scenes have been the main areas of my photography until now. Color is probably my main source of inspiration. I am naturally attracted to colourful scenes and this is reflected in my work. I like bold colors, but always within the limits of a "realistic" look.

You can buy my work here at artflakes.com. People buy art for many different reasons, but mostly, I think, because it makes our lives and ourselves more interesting. Whatever your reason is, by buying an image from me you are taking home a carefully crafted artwork, created with the best of my vision, creativity and technique. Thanks to artflakes' return policy there is no risk for you: If you're not happy with a purchase, for any reason, you can return it within 14 days of the order date.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your visit!
Álvaro Soto

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