Amanda Macaluso

Amanda Macaluso

I'm 20 years old with a passion for photography (and writing). I would one day like to make photography my career, but due to funds and lack of certain skills it will have to be put off for a while. My current inspiration is my son Masen.
I like music (rock, alternative, some pop stuff), movies, and like fictional literature (books with the impossible are my preference).
I'm a fan of anime, x-men (most Marvel related stuff), dragons, the paranormal, animals, and the outdoors.

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Amanda Macaluso has uploaded Lily Pad

A lily pad that washed ashore.

Side view of the wooden dock

Domestic short hair kitten

The sun rising while the moon is still out

Amanda Macaluso has uploaded Take Off

A plane near the O'Hare airport in Chicago, Illinois

Early winter fog at the local zoo

United States Civil War reenactment campsite

A wheelbarrow at a United States Civil War reenactment.

Amanda Macaluso has uploaded Windmill

Large windmill in a field

The Cloud Gate in Chicago, Illinois

A gravestone in an Illinois cemetery.

An old garden shed in a field of dandelions on the edge of a wooded lot.

An older building in a local city.

Amanda Macaluso has uploaded Dragonfly

Dragonfly at rest. Shot through nothing.