Ana Cruz

Ana Cruz

Ana Cruz is a digital artist from Portugal, Europe.

Her special taste for the dark, gothic and dramatic aesthetics of art soon made this hobbyist turn her professional life completely into the world of art. She now has her own business: Ana Cruz Arts.
Being a self-taught artist since 2005, Ana meanwhile got a degree in Graphic Design and Arts, in order to enlarge her knowledge and areas of expert
ize and also, to refine her taste and artistic skills for the dark arts she's so passionate about.

Ana's biggest inspirations are her own secret realms, her deepest emotions and feelings. "The best way to express myself, to express my soul, is through my art", says the artist.
Her art captures the deepest secrets of human souls, secret realms and dream worlds; the main elements are elegant female figures with long hair and horns, goddesses and fairies, darkness and emotions, mystery, dark forests and forgotten castles, Victorian and Gothic classic style and, always with a story behind every scenery. A story which someone can always relate to.

Always getting amazing feedback from fans and public in general, Ana soon got the attention of worldwide companies and general clients. Among her big list of clients, some can be named, such as Ravensburger Puzzles, Korsh Verlag Calendars, Random House Publishings, Scholastic Publishings, Harper Collins, Well of Souls (music band), Null Paradox (music band), and many, many others.

Ana's passion for the arts keep on delivering results and she'll be around a lot more.
"My art is my passion, my way of being, my soul and my dream brought to life. Forever I'll keep on striving, in order to keep this dream alive."

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