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Andreas Wesa

Andreas Wesa

I’m a Senior CG artist at Edithouse Film works in Gothenburg, Sweden. Edithouse does full vfx productions, all animated and motion graphics in HD. We have the hole production line from shooting with advanced riggs to fully animated sequences. Our 3D work is mainly done in Maya. We use mixed compositing programs, Nuke, After Effects and Flame. Editing is done in Avid, Final Cut and Smoke.

What do we mean with CG artist? CG stands for Computer Graphics. My main expertise is 3D graphics, as an generalist. I do all kinds of 3D work. Everything from the modeling stage to finished renders. Including animation, dynamics, shading and rendering.
The main application we use is Autodesk Maya but I also do some work in Luxology Modo. But i also do a lot of compositing and motion graphics. For this kind of work I use After Effects. Lately I’ve started to work a little in Nuke aswell. I really like the node based programs.
Also included in CG is some 2d work with programs like Photoshop, illustrator and indesign. I do texturing, storyboarding and some concept drawings.

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