Angie Wallis

Angie Wallis

Angie Wallis is a freelance Illustrator and Photographer based in the United States.

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”i love composition of this illustration!“
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”the mist is just perfect. breathtaking.“
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A boat and a sea-gull share the ocean and the air as the sun slowly sinks into the depths.

Angie Wallis has uploaded To the Beach

Walking through a sunny alley-way heading for the beach.

It doesn't get any more romantic than this.

A perfect wave breaking against a bright green rock on red sand.

Green mossy rocks with picturesque waves breaking against them.

Angie Wallis has uploaded La Jolla

La Jolla Cove is a great tourist attraction. This gorgeous red bluff is just one of the many beauties of this place.

Angie Wallis has uploaded Green Rock

Green mossy rocks and a red rusty pillar in a cave at the beach.

Angie Wallis has uploaded Ejon Lakes

The scenic Ejon Lakes. Wide yet shallow (no more than knee-deep), amongst the famous sand-dunes of Eastern Idaho.

Angie Wallis has uploaded Bo Poki Loki

This is Bo Poki Loki, the mighty hunter.
An illustration based off of one my cats, Bo.