Anita Kajika

Anita Kajika

Fantasy illustrator and comic artist from Venice, Italy. Currently working as a freelance for different kind of art (illustrations, webcomics, board games).
Graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with higher score, has slowly switched from traditional tecniques to digital art.

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Pro-markers illustration on paper.

Deep sea mermaid

Pro-marker illustration on paper. Mermaid pin up; was the message for her?

Anita Kajika has uploaded Mermaid male

Pro-markers illustration on paper. Male pin up mermaid

Anita Kajika has uploaded Tomoe Gozen

Digital illustration, supposed to be a cover image for a comic based on the life of Tomoe Gozen

Full comic page, hand painted with watercolors

Full comic page, hand painted with watercolors

Comic cover art. Watercolors on paper

Pencil sketches. Scenery and landscape practice, pencil on paper

Full comic page, hand painted with watercolors. Inspired by Rider graphic novel by Fastback pictures

Full comic page, hand painted with watercolors

Anita Kajika has uploaded Spaceship

Star wars inspired spaceship

Digital drawing

Digital drawing, pin up. Did she die?

Demonic pin up, digital drawing

Fantasy cover art. What if the souls of everyone you kill with a sword remain trapped in the weapon?

Digital drawing.

Anita Kajika has uploaded Dreamcatcher

Digital image, inspired by "The Dreamcatcher" by Stephen King

Anita Kajika has uploaded The mage

Digital painting, re-working of an old subject

Anita Kajika has uploaded Argarion

Digital painting. Subject inspired by the horseman of war, created for Starfall in Dungeons&Dragons

Anita Kajika has uploaded Svala

Digital painting, the dragon Scalegos and its knight Svala. Inspired by the the horseman of pestilence for Starfall, in Dungeons&Dragons