Anna  Bardaka

Anna Bardaka

Studied at
TEI of Athens - Photography & Audiovisual Arts
Universidad de la Laguna - Bellas Artes

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Casiegraphics is currently living in Berlin, London & Munich.
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Casie takes much inspiration from nature, the animal kingdom and marine life and drawing such is and always has been her passion. Typically armed with a camera, Casie can often be seen roaming around numerous zoos and aquariums indulging in her passion of photography. By doing this Casie aims to capture and hi-light the natural beauty and pure essence of life in each species (especially the tropical and sweet-water fishes of Asia) which she can later echo in her art. Casie's grandfather who was part of the after war informal art movement in the 40's and 50's in Germany played an instrumental role in her life. The distinct drippy and colourful experimental abstractism of his work is something which Casie has strived to sustain in her own art. Her graphic elements and use of bright colour, drips and bubble style are a result of many years spent experimenting with spray techniques and colour combinations in the graffiti scene. The distinct linear style and papercut technique was specifically developed whilst studying for her degree and this progression can be seen in her publication 'Winged Words' which was an illustrated collection of creature quotations attempting to exhibit the benefits of vegetarianism whilst also attempting to make a broader statement about morality and the treatment of animals by humans. Since her move to Berlin, Casie has moved away from papercut and now works mainly with acrylic, markers, ink, spray cans, canvas and wood. Nothing challenges Casie more than taking an ordinary object and customising it with her artwork transforming it and thus giving it new meaning.
Casiegraphics ultimate aim is to create works of art that depict the realism of the animal kingdom, marine life and their surrounding habitats in a happy, colourful, uplifting and fanciful way whilst still attempting to maintain an urban feel.

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Classically trained in art since childhood, I began working with a camera at age ten. My favorite subjects in drawing, painting, and photography evolved into landscape and portraits. I have also pursued architecture, nature, still life, events, animals, and a host of other subjects. After college, studying art, theatre, and mass media, my working life took off in many directions, but a camera was always within reach. My serious pursuit of photography started in the 1980's as I obtained my first clients in the real estate industry. I established Agency Photographics, then Ron Cline Photographics, and in the 1990's, RCLINEPhotography. The RCLINE, hand written in all capital letters has been my artist's signature since the 1960's. My photography became digitalized by 2006, and I have since concentrated in the portrait, corporate/industrial, and landscape/nature areas, and I have built a client base in each. I have been establishing an internet presence for marketing my work, one of the many advantages of the digital photography age. Thank you for visiting my profile and gallery.

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Seit 2006 begeistert von der digitalen Fotografie und deren Möglichkeiten.
Besonders: Land und Leute – die stille Plätze und laute Konzerte und immer wieder Portugal.

Since 2006, inspired by the digital photography and its possibilities.
Especially: Land and People - the quiet places and noisy concerts and over Portugal.

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Nicht die Jahre in unserem Leben zählen, sondern das Leben in unseren Jahren.

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