Anna Eliza Lukasik-Fisch

Anna Eliza Lukasik-Fisch

Dear followers,
I earnestly appreciate your interst in my art. Every single person is a source of motivation for me and I always take a look back at your galleries.

On the other hand is earning income as an artist an extremly hard job. I'm a freelancer in the real life, which means that there are days with more than 12 hours of work and many weeks in the row without weekend. So I'm simply not able to get more involved in the artistical exchange offered by Artflakes.

A. Lukasik-Fisch

Born 1973 in Warsaw, Poland.
Graduated 1997 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
Living in Germany.
Main fields of activity:
Commercial human and horse portrait.
Book illustration.
Vector-based designs for industrial metal laser-beam cutter.
Design for print media.


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