Anna Maria Zaremba

Anna Maria Zaremba

Born in 1986 in Poland, currently lives in UK. Creates illustrations and digital & fashion graphic design.

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My name is Diego Fernandez, I ́m an Illustrator and art director from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Welcome to my Gallery and thanks for your visit!
I am a german Graphic Designer and mom living in Malaysia.

My art is completly digital. I use vintage photos, old pictures and illustrations, tare them apart to create a new image. I am inspired by surrealism, fairy tales, folklore and medieval times.

I was born in Bogotá-D.C.-Colombia. I’m a Graphic Designer from Universidad Jorde Tadeo Lozano. I focused mi career in web design and motion graphics for video.
After finishing my studies in Bogotá, I began to work as an independent designer in design projects for catalogs, corporate identity, posters and books between other projects. I worked as an independent designer for about a year and then I started to venture on web design and multimedia in Leo Burnett Agency in Colombia. In this Agency I worked on web sites, activation campaigns, 360 and product consumption. I proposed some innovations in internet communication, alternative concepts, and new attractive graphics to fulfill Colombian and Latin-American Market requirements. I worked in Leo Burnett for three years and then I decided to live in Buenos Aires where I am studying and exploring new design concepts in motion graphics design and video edition, areas in which I see a huge action field and an opportunity for new expression media for web design in internet and television.

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This is part of an illustration series titled 'My dolls'. I was inspired to create the series by my four years old niece Olivia, who loves children's story illustrations.

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Born and living in Gdansk, Poland.