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Michele Thompson

Michele Thompson

I am drawn to the universal threads that tie us together, the religious, the spiritual, our food, families, our monuments and their disintegration, our reverence for our environment (and sometimes our neglect of it), the way in which we costume ourselves, our public displays, and our private faces. I feel as though I have been privy to an amazing, and amazingly small, world and am driven to show that to the world. I seek the “o wow” moment, that point when time and place fall away and we are left with the pure pleasure of the voyeuristic instant, be it the energy of the band or the quietness of sunlight through the trees. I crave this not only as a selfish experience, but for everyone. We are taught as young children, “don’t look”, “don’t stare”, and “don’t make eye contact” as a way to navigate through society. But it is the natural impulse to look and to process by observation. The camera gives me, gives all of us, the ability to give in to the luxury of looking. One should look, see, stare and not forget the images of what is around them.

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