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I have lots of art I've created over the past few years that I have not yet uploaded to ArtFlakes but can be viewed at or I am happy to upload anything from those portfolio sites to ArtFlakes anytime...Just contact me! SEE MY ETSY SHOP for products!

About Me....
I often find myself inspired by nature and other uniquely beautiful elements that I come across in my everyday life. I explore that inspiration through sketching and photography that I can further embellish and manipulate in Photoshop and Illustrator. I hope to one day be involved in the creation of textiles due to my love of pattern making.

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Hello, my name is Alex Andreyev. I'm an artist living in Saint - Petersburg, Russia. I've been draving, painting and doing graphic design over last 20 years. Now I'm creating the concept art to the Kin-Dza-Dza animation movie.

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I'm young and depressed jewish-polish illustrator/photographer/musician from Warsaw.

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Works of Marta Lamovsek are outward expressions of her inner life. With a soft spot on a human dark side, she inspires with her tragically beautiful subjects.

She is an internationally exhibited artist with a postgraduate degree from Central Saint Martins Collage of Art & Design. She is based in London.

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Hello. My name is Niyazi. I live and work in Istanbul. I started as a hobby became a little more serious when started a photoblog one years ago.

I try to take different subject, as often as I can and these will usually be captured in Istanbul. Istanbul is an old old city, you can see the remains of many ancient civilizations and their culture in harmony with Turkish culture. The old versus the new, the traditional versus the modern is a conflict a visitor often observes.

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I was born in Portugal 1988 in the same day as Hérge, Sweet Child O' Mine was in the top 5 best selling singles and Nico died in a bicycle related accident.
I like drawing comics, I've done it for TV, magazines, websites and lately for the Lisbon Metropolitan Transit System.
Also I had my work published in various anthologies and zines.

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I'm originally from Bulgaria, living in The United States. I love color, and everything that brings smile and positive thinking.

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I am a UK based freelance illustrator, specialising in picture books and digital illustration

My name is Tony Andreas Rudolph
I'm a 21 years old matte painter, concept artist and illustrator based in Germany. Currently I studying digital film & animation at the SAE Institute in Leipzig. After my study do I want to see the world and start working for the film industry as digital Matte Painter and Concept Artist.

I would be very happy to see my works on your wall and I hope you'll like my stuff.

Please feel free to send me questions or feedback about my stuff!

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I'm a self taught designer/photographer hybrid. Through the past few years i'm designing things and taking photos of people, nature, different events, etc...

Skills include:
- Photomanipulations,
- Photo retouching,
- Poster / Flyer design,
- Business card design.

I'm also available for all your questions.
Like my page:

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I was born in 1984 in Bucharest, Romania. From early on I chose drawing and painting, as means of expression. I completed my studies in the field of design at the National University of Fine Arts in Bucharest (2007). Captivated by a past aspiration, which, in the meantime, had become an inner necessity, I started taking photographs in 2008, first on film, and then adopting the digital medium. One year into digital photography, I nostalgically returned to images on photographic film that had marked my memory.

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Oscar Delmar is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator of the Canary Islands and based in Barcelona, at the moment...
Traditional techniques, digital, and much experimentation combine to express a way of seeing things.
Watercolor, ink, pen, pencils, old papers, cardboard, a bike to move, lost sleep, photoshop, music and many more stuff.

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a freelance graphic designer