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Wedding Guests, Trafalgar House - once gifted to the Nelson family by a grateful nation

Labrador in sunlight, Bentley Woods, South Wiltshire, UK

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Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

Emsworth Harbour, Hampshire

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

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Bentley Woods, South Wiltshire

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Looking across towards Arne Bay from Lake Pier, Hamworthy

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A summer's sea mist envelops the ancient landscape of Sea Salter, Kent as the sun goes down.

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Lytchett Bay, is cut off from ancient Poole Harbour by a railway line, it is enclosed by Hamworthy Spit and marks one edge of Turlin Moor. Turlin Moor is an estate built on reclaimed marshland, created by dumping hundreds of tonnes of waste ash from a nuclear plant. But here Nature has created beauty.

Typical English view, of a folding South Wiltshire Valley

Switching on of the Christmas Lights, Salisbury Market Square

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A galleried shopping arcade in Paris

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Jardin des Tuileries, October 2012
Marc Quinns Sculpture, The Origin of the World (Cassis Madagascariensis) Indian Ocean