Ashley Kirkland

My name is Ashley Kirkland, as I'm sure you already know. I have been devoting my creativity to the art of photography for nearly three years now. I work with mentors, I follow other, more professional photographer, and I do my own works on my own time. Normally, I work with still photos and landscapes, but every now and then I work with a model. I love to portray the beauty of things that people normally wouldn't pay attention to. Like the image of a swamp at night when all the fireflies are out, no one goes to a swamp in the middle of the night... Yet there it is, just as pretty as any clear body of water. Every now and then I'll get photo of something that is seen often, but even then, no photo is the same. To me, pictures are like fingerprints. No matter how many there are in the world, if you take a picture and walk away, no one can step behind you and take the same one, it just doesn't work that way. Everyone has a different style, and I encourage others, to make their own.

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