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Annieta Kruisman is now following Joe Beasley

A photographer since 1960, I studied photojournalism at the University of Miami. While there I was influenced by Wilson Hicks, Picture Editor of Life Magazine. After serving in the Army as a photographer, I returned to McMinnville Tenessee and worked as a technical photographer at Arnold Engineering Development Center

In addition,I have won numerous State and Regional awards, edited Warren County Tennessee: Pictorial History, and have had numerous photographs published on the cover of Spoon River Poetry Review. I have also been published in Photographer’s Forum: Best of Photography. I find inspiration in everyday life in a small town, pushing the frontiers of both photography and digital art.

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Fotografie heißt für mich: Den Blick einschränken, um ihn zu weiten. In jedem Ausschnitt lässt sich die ganze Welt entdecken. Verdichtet, gesammelt. Begrenzt und gebannt auf das Essentielle.
Schmelzendes Eis erweckt den Eindruck von Metallischem, trockene Samenkapseln verkleiden sich als Spinnentier, Blütenblätter muten an wie Malerei, Papier, Stoff...
Jedes ein Kunstwerk der Natur.

Das Bild finden ist der Anfang, es zu bearbeiten der Weg, es in meinen Augen stimmig fertigzustellen, das Ziel.

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Detail of the head of a statue in Florence, Italy