Benjamin Bay

Benjamin Bay has been working as a Graphic Artist since 2003, mainly in publishing and advertising. Residing in Connecticut, USA, he offers his creative services for both commission and licensing. Please visit for more info.

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Benjamin Bay has uploaded Bear!

illustration of friendly bear

Art Deco themed coffee poster of woman and car. This is a re-designed version of my poster from 2009.

Benjamin Bay has uploaded Gazelles

Stylized gazelles composition on savannah.

A stylized, Rousseauan tiger in jungle at night with moon and birds.

Benjamin Bay has uploaded Long Cow Inn

rustic vintage sign of stylized cow on hill with farm

rustic vintage sign of stylized tall brown spotted horse in hilly landscape

rustic vintage sign of stylized fat pig with farm

rustic vintage sign of stylized fat sheep

vintage sign farm horse hill landscape

Graphic tennis illustration in art deco style.

Benjamin Bay has uploaded Dig!

Illustration of pirates on tropical beach with ocean and trees, digging for a treasure.

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Welcome to my Gallery and thanks for your visit!

Benjamin Bay has uploaded Lion Tamer

Illustration of crazy lion tamer at circus, whimsical, funny, humor

Benjamin Bay has uploaded Olde Music

Musical illustration, medieval

Benjamin Bay has uploaded Robin Hood

Children´s book illustration of Robin Hood in the Sherwood forest, overlooking castle in the distance.

Benjamin Bay has uploaded Whale

Decorated blue whale

Benjamin Bay has uploaded Friend card

typographic card design with friendship theme

retro happy birthday card design