Beppi Isbert

Beppi Isbert

I work in a variety of media- painting, printmaking, needlepoint, quilting, comics, and more. I try to pick a medium that will best convey my subjects. My themes are often based on true events reinvented, such as the Jonestown massacre, the Borden murders, Adam's childhood traumas,... Great stories are always at the center of my work.

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Acrylic painting. I love a robot with a human brain.

Quilt with yarn and embellishments. I did a series on Hildegarde of Bingen. She had many visions and this is one of them.

Acrylic painting. I found a really cool vintage photo that I wanted to merge with some other elements.

Acrylic painting. My daughter let me give her a hairdo only once ( and it was fabulous). I wanted to commemorate the event.

Quilt with shrink its and beading and painting. Marshall Applewhite headed a cult that committed suicide here on Earth in order to get to the spaceship. All of the men in the cult had to get castrated. I think that's a lot to ask.

Screen print and embroidery. I found a polaroid on-line with the caption Son of Sam Me. I made it into a screen and wanted to do an embroidered piece. I like the idea of Godzilla and Mothra destroying the world with the Son of Sam and his friend.

Acrylic painting. The Williams sisters were part of the circus. They both had spot albinism.

Acrylic painting. My sister's ex held his family hostage. Growing up in the country I began to think of those florescent hunting hats and animal sweatshirts. (The sheriff talked him down, no one was hurt.)

Quilt with shrink its and embellishments. Dr. Holmes committed multiple murders in a torture house of his design during the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. I had this great fabric and all I could think was Clue.

Acrylic painting. My son Strom came to me and said, "Mom, when you become a zombie, you're not going to eat MY brains, right?"

Acrylic painting on black velvet. I couldn't resist the childhood photo Adam sent me of him and Santa. I think Adam was naughty, not nice.

Acrylic painting. My friend, Adam grew up in the American South in a religious household. He was plagued with the fear that the rapture would happen and he would not go to Heaven.

This is a needlepoint with a fabric border. David Berkowitz found Jesus in prison with the help of a prison guard. The photo of David and the guard had this weird background that took me back to prom.

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This is an acrylic painting. The subject is loosely based on a dream by Perry Smith ("In Cold Blood"). In my mind, I thought of the nuns as being fish hunted by the parrot.

This is a needlepoint with a faux fur border. I read Faust and was in love with the idea of the Lucifer being a black poodle. A poodle is such a prissy, unimposing animal.