"Berlin? Here I found my wings and learned to fly. Here I discovered my ways to the arts. Thus the Viktoria of the Großer Stern - the great star of Berlin - becomes an „objet trouvé“ of mine." [Gabriel Bur, 2010]

Berlin-My-Inspiration is more than...

Berlin-My-Inspiration is available as art-wear and wall-art, painting and stencil art on clothes and canvas, drawing and photography.

Berlin-My-Inspiration is Gabriel's dealing with his found wings of Berlin - the wings of the Viktoria of the Großer Stern. It is the consideration on recovered and refined and reused objects. Also locations become "objets trouvés" and will inspire to artistic expressions. It is the process of finding the form and quality of the Wings of the Viktoria. Thereby the influence of the implementation of the Berlin-My-Inspiration's art and artwork is graffiti and street art, whose cry to want to be seen is deepest motivation.

Since 1992 Gabriel Bur is living and working in Berlin. With its diverse faces Berlin is an inspiration for his creations; here Gabriel discovered his ways to the arts, here he "found his wings and learned to fly". His creations art and artistic design express this inspiring character while Gabriel plays with your perception. He enables people feeling this spirit of inspiration as part of their life.

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