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Bryan Kolb

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Bryan Kolb has uploaded The Road

Nothing like it.

Bryan Kolb has uploaded New York City

I took this photo just after sunrise from a plane. The city looks completely dead in this image, as if everyone has abandoned it to nature.

Bryan Kolb has uploaded Blueberries

Taken while picking blueberries.

Bryan Kolb has uploaded Freelancer

Inspired by the game Freelancer, this image depicts a raging space battle amidst an asteroid filled nebula.

Bryan Kolb has uploaded Galaxy

A view from just outside a spiral galaxy.

Bryan Kolb has uploaded Saturnlike

An attempt at portraying a ringed planet as realistically as I could, inspired by our own neighbor, Saturn. A blue ringed gas giant can be seen in the background.

Bryan Kolb has uploaded Out There

A gas giant surrounded by a host of moons, some of them inhabited, and a glass-like ring system. This stunning scene overlooks a beautiful nebula.

Bryan Kolb has uploaded Rings of Ice

A small, damaged moon revolves slowly in the shadow of its massive jovian parent.

I took this photo while picking blueberries in full daylight just after a downpour. I wanted to try experimenting with editing photos to bring out a more beautiful image.

Bryan Kolb has uploaded Japanese Maple

A Japanese Maple in bloom. I came across this beautiful tree when I was on my way to buy groceries, a lucky find.