bob bingenheimer

bob bingenheimer

Bob Bingenheimer is a designer who just happens to have a camera glued to his face.

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Sunrise with clouds in a mirrored reflection on Lake Michigan, at Northport. Sailboats and shoreline are silhouetted against the morning sunlight.

Dawn on Lake Michigan and the horizon is barely visible due to fog. A speedboat sits at the end of a long dock, reflected in the water.

Dawn on Lake Michigan at Northport, with mist diffusing the distant shoreline, and trees and birds and sailboats silhouetted against the sky.

Dawn at Northport, Michigan, on a misty morning, with boats, birds and terrain silhouetted against the sky and water.

Seagulls in midflight, in a variety of poses, following a ferry in hopes of food

A Corot sky lights up the landscape near Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Silhouetted trees and horizon with the warm glow of morning.

Mud flats become a playground when the tide goes out in a Gulf Coast, Florida town, and the sun goes down. Silhouettes of docs, buoys and people are revealed against the reddish sky.

Portrait of a dog featuring nose in focussed foreground.

Bare winter branches in contrast against fog-diffused trees.

A foggy, wintry day with trees disappearing into the fog.

Extreme closeup of flowers creates moody noir effect.

Macro shot of old marbles in a flowerpot tray.

A couple people on the sidewalks early in the morning in Vienna, Austria. The city scene is framed by the silhouette of an arched opening.

Lace-curtained window and red rose accent grey architectural details in this Prague cityscape.

Dock, trees and landscape silhouettes frame the Uberlinger See, a branch of Lake Constance, as seen from Sippplingen, Germany. Rays of sunlight stream from the clouds.

Looking across the Salzach River to the Hohensalzburg fortress with a bus on the bridge.

Fishermen from a Portugese coastal town head out in the morning.

Clouds and blue sky above Lisbon, Portugal with Castelo de S. Jorge across the city on a hill.

Colorful stucco in Lisbon, Portugal creates a beautiful geometric pattern.