I started my studies at FIT to be a fine artist, and traded that in for the business experience to learn how to market my art[currently studying Fashion Merchandising and Management].I like to use many different medias. My art is my life, and I share this to share my art.

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Fashion Design. Part of a New Set for my current semester I am taking fashion design art.

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Modeled after a Ukrainian friend that is obsessed with those little boxes.

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Lia Termatzidou was born in Berlin in 1988. She studied Byzantine Iconography and has graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Art Sciences, specializing in Visual Arts. She divides her artistic expression between different mediums: Painting, photography, video and graphics. She participates in several group exhibitions and organizes artistic workshops in collaboration with other artists. Her subjects, mostly anthropocentric, explore the transforming power of the face - and by extension of individuality, and its association with social adaptability. She lives and works in Greece.

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I am a photographer, media-designer, musician and filmmaker from Berlin / Germany.
You can choose between motifs of photography of various genre and digital-art, photomontage, illustrations and more...

Ich bin Fotografin, Media- und Webdesignerin, Musikerin und Filmemacherin aus Berlin und ich biete hier eine Motivauswahl von Fotografie verschiedener Genre, bis hin zu Digital-Art, -Collage, -montage und Grafiken/Illustrationen...

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Skull. Part of my anatomy series.

what lies inside.
the hipbone.

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Amirali has been trained as an architect in UK. along architectural practice he enjoys experiencing in fields of photography, ilustration and graphic design, mainly as a hobby.

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About 2 1/2 years ago I seriously discovered the fun of photography. It started rather innocent but right now it's part of every-day's life.

My photo's are very basic. I like to keep it plain and simple although I prefer a wonderful blur...
I try to show you everyday stuff in a slightly different way. I think my 'blue-period' is coming to its end. This doesn't mean I don't like blue anymore but I guess you will see other colours too in my latest work.

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Engineer by day - artist by night

I'm a hobby photomanipulator and photographer based in Frankfurt am Main / Germany. I discovered Photoshop in 2002 and have been expanding my knowledge ever since. In 2009 I bought my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D90, and I've been putting it to good use not only shooting stock for myself and others, but also delving into the art of photography.

Also visit me at (artwork) (resources, linkware!)!/kuschelirmel (twitter) (facebook fanpage)

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I am a 25 yr old Junior Architect, and as a hobby I'm photographing the world around me - it's just my world through my camera's lens.

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My passion is fineart photography; "lightpaintings", as I call my photographs, are already designed within the camera and then transferred by my special postwork to exceptional "photo paintings".

I've developed for my photography art my own special texture-, light-, structure-effect-techniques for over 10 years .

The main focus of my artworks is on the artistic realization of new artworks, the creation of individual colors, shapes and light to carry certain emotions, harmony and the beauty of unique photopaintings. My style is sometimes elegant, sometimes simply minimalistic but sometimes also romantic in pastel colours. The main themes are from nature, flora and still life.

Another favorite of mine is macro photography, the closer look trains the eye for a new way of seeing.
These photographs are nearly all SOOC, i.e. without any post-processing. Here I use special camera techniques that allow me such insights into microcosms, as they cannot be done by conventional macro lenses.




Mein Kunstblog für Fotografie, Digitalkunst, Malerei
für alle Künstler und Kunstinteressierten [only German]:

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I present to you my models, which are collected from computer parts. I am sure that every detail should have a second life.

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Milena Ilieva is originally from Bulgaria, living in The United States. She loves color, and everything that brings smile and positive thinking. To follow her on Facebook -", twitter - or Blogger