bruno paolo benedetti

bruno paolo benedetti

Bruno Paolo Benedetti is a digital artist. His arwork is photography based, he starts from pictures transformimg them into fluid non objective shapes with many colors. His artworks are on sale in limited edition prins on Http:// In this site yu can find traditional fine art pictures.

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oranges, lemons with stalactites on snow still-life

carved windows indo islamic style inside the Amber fort in India

violet tulip pistils and ovaries close-up

particular of white rose pistils

peach flowers on branch close-up

inside view through comumns of greek tempe of Segesta in Sicily

flying bee toward white flower pistils close-up

pollinating bee on white rose pistils close-up

pollinating be on white flower pistils side vew close-up

thiny bee flying on pistil pollinating

water reflection at sunset. Evening light reflected with couds on a pond water

floating plants on pond water. Sunlight reflections on the water

plants reflected in a pond water with smooth texture like a mirror

persimmon flowers close-up on black background

clouds and sky reflected in a pond water

rainbow sun light reflections behind a branch of tree covered by ice crystals.

poppies in wheat field with particular green tones of wheat

on foreground bunch of tree and on bakcround round light spots reflected onwater. Flat perspective picture


My preferred method is paperwork. I’m creating collages by using different kinds of illustrations, such as newspaper, books or calendars. For this handcraft I need good scissors and glue. I’m not using digital processing in my works.

My source of inspiration is life itself. Every encounter means inspiration. To express the vital forces is my intention.

When I start a new work, there is nothing I’m thinking of, no idea. It’s a flow. My intuition is leading me.

When the work is finished, I’m always surprised of the result. It’s a journey.

Willkommen auf meinem Künstlerprofil "MagdalenaKunst - Kunst fürs Herz". Es freut mich, dass Sie meine Seite betrachten und ich sage ganz herzlich "Dankeschön" für Ihr Interesse an meiner Malerei. Meine Website ist:
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Welcome to my artist profile "Magdalene Art - Art for the Heart". I am glad that you have a look at my page and I say sincerely "Thank you" for your interest in my paintings. My Website is:
You also find me on: