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bubblefriends *

Illustrator and Artist have fun enriching the world with happy figures and pictures. Happy, cute and colorful are catchwords that are inseparable connected to the works of Bubblefriends.

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Welcome to Color City!

BUBBLEARMY open fire! Feuer frei!

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A handful of grenades.

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Enjoy your coffee! :)
Photo of one of my coffee sculpts.

Cappuccino, italian coffee love :)

Hurry up! Let's go Coffee! :)

Look at that beautiful whipped cream :)

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Freelance illustrator + designer. Graduated from Monash University, Melbourne (Bachelor of Multimedia & Digital Arts) & Hong Kong Baptist University (Master of Social Sciences in Media Management).
Particular interested in character design and storytelling. Drawing is just sooooo fun!!!!
Come to visit my blog

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Founder & CEO of ARTFLAKES. Likes awesome photography.

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john Duvengar is a French illustrator based in Rio de Janeiro where he works as a freelance designer.

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addSoul is the professional playground of illustrator and designer Bo Virkelyst Jensen. He is born and based in Denmark - but can often be found in Berlin or travelling to other parts of the world, working, visiting friends and getting to know new people and places.

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A forever immature nerd, shopping addicted, loser cartoonist, graduated in Visual Arts, living in Londrina-Brazil with my bird and my collection of toyarts, I do some love advices, change cake recipes and also do some nice illustrations to make someone's day a little bit better.

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Raul Raziel, Architect, Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Poet.
my principal style is Mexican Pop Art, i love the play of scales and textures in my work, lots of colors.

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Vector art is the blend between mathematics, colour, geometry, expression and passion.
Using my skills as a digital illustrator, I have developed a series of vector artwork that bridges the gap between art and design.
I work from my studio in Toronto as a base, but use an international collective to source my inspiration from.
My pieces are well-crafted and intended for individuals with dramatic tastes in all things lovely.

My name is Olly Holovchenko. I am a graphic designer and Illustrator currently based in Beijing. Check out my website - heloholo.com.
I draw, paint, doodle and scribble. With pen and ink, brush and watercolor, color pencils, Photoshop and Wacom. In any way that helps me to create colorful and positive art. And save the World.

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Children's book illustrator