Jens Jacob

Jens Jacob

January of 2010, Jens Jacob also known as JJ decided to have a life changing experience that could really mean something more than just travelling but also adventure. So along with his labrador named Nea, they jumped into their classic VW which they call Bluee and drove off from the roads of Bielefeld to the border of Netherlands, crossed Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran and landed in they call themselves "Bulliadventure" ...

They will be staying in UAE for a little while to work a bit so they have funds to continue their trip to India, Nepal, Himalayas, Laos, Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia. After which they will continue to cross Australia, New Zealand, South America and up to the North then back to.... Germany...???

Apart from adventure and crazy experiences, Bulliadventure wants to serve a purpose during their travel. It could be an outreach program, community service or any other form of support they can provide to people or any organization in the country where they are at or whatever, whoever they meet along the way...

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