Astrid Carlin

Astrid Carlin

Freelance Graphic Designer / Art Direction / Hamburg

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I'm a German artist and trained ceramic painter with a degree in Comparative Literature, working primarily in ink, pastels and colored pencils. Creating pictures is my life, and keeps me sane. There is nothing more rewarding for me than getting lost on the page and story of a new drawing. I like to think of my pictures as little "escapes" from reality where it's possible for fish to fly and for girls to ride on sea horses high above the city. I have been published in online and actual art magazines, and participated in exhibitions within Germany.

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follow your heart
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Image Composer / Photographer / Illustrator

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Brasileiro, inglês de google tradutor.

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Achim Koerfer wurde am 27. Juni 1969 in Erkelenz geboren. Im Alter von acht Jahren entdeckte er seine Liebe zur Fotografie. Was zunächst spielerisch-experimentell mit analogen Mehrfachbelichtungen begann, entwickelte er im Laufe der Jahre zu der künstlerischen Technik, die sein Werk bis heute charakterisiert. Als Fotokünstler setzt sich Koerfer intensiv mit drängenden gesellschaftlichen Themen auseinander. In seinen Werkreihen inszeniert er diese Themen in neu- und einzigartigen Bildwelten, die mit starken Farben polarisieren, zur Reflexion anregen und einen Sichtwechsel bewirken wollen.

Achim Koerfer was born in the German town of Erkelenz on June 27, 1969. At the age of eight, he discovered his love for photography. What began as playful experimentation with multiple exposures using a conventional camera developed over the years into the singular artistic technique that has become the hallmark of his work. In his work as fine art photographer Koerfer addresses urgently topical social concerns. In his photo sequences he exposes these issues in terms of novel and compelling images of vivid and vibrant colors to polarize opinion, evince reflection and a shift of perspective.


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Pfauenauge, peacock, Feder, feather, Zeichnung, Pastell