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I am a young artist from Germany. I live and work in Berlin.
For news feel free to visit
My artwork comprises graphics, paintings, conceptual designs as well as their practical realization. I am influenced by many things as music, books, theatre and all the ordinary things around. If you like my artwork you can find more of them and further information about me at

Welcome to my gallery!

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As part of his education he attended several workshops in drawing and painting and studied the human figure at Cristobal Rojas School in Caracas. At a later stage, he studied drawing and painting at the renowned Museum of Contemporary Art in the same city.

In 1990 he made his first trip to Europe (France and Germany) and got the opportunity to work as a collaborator in the studio of artist Jürgen Peter in Hannover. During this trip, his work was shown with great success for the first time outside Venezuela.

Recent exhibitions include the world exhibition EXPO 2000 in Hannover, Germany representing Venezuela, and the exhibition Eierversum also at the Expo 2000.

In 2001 he established his home and studio in Vienna, Austria and since then he has had various international exhibitions, including:

-Solo Exhibition at Gallery 118, London, UK.
-Solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte Joven Moya in Vienna, Austria.
-Solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte Moderno Juan Astorga Anta in Mérida, Venezuela.
-Caisa Cultural Center Gallery in Helsinki, Finland, 11th International Biennial of Portrait and Figure, Drawing 04, Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, The Venezuelan Art Hall of Budapest.

MELF’s areas of artistic interest include the influence of colours, the concern for the individual and behaviour within the environment. For this exhibition (Serie: "CONfusiones" London 201)1 he has developed a complex style using a variety of techniques and materials including printing, inks, acrylics, as well as industrial plastic on Italian canvas, ultimately resulting in a stunning three-dimensional artwork.

Carolina Fungairino

Solo Exhibitions

2011 Exhibition at the Gallery 118, London, England,

2009 Exhibition at the Dimaca Gallery "Fundaiguini" Caracas, Venezuela,

2008 Exhibition at the Museum of Museum of Young Art "Moya" Vienna, Austria,

2007 Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art "Juan Astorga Anta" Merida, Venezuela.

2006 Participation in the Q202-AtelierRundgang 2006 ( visits to the ateliers)

2005 Exhibition in the winery "Weingut Lunzer", Gols, Austria.

Exhibition in the frame of the VII International Guitar Festival Rust, Rust, Austria.

2003 Exhibition "Infantia", Latin American Institute, Vienna, Austria.

2002 Exhibition "Kongress Haus" (Congress House) from Salzburg (in the frame of the concert of the Young Philarmonic Orchestra from Venezuela), Austria.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2010 Collective Exhibition, "Saltamontes de Caracas" Contemporary art from venezuela Gallery Ardizón Vienna.

Guest to the Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea, Florence Italy. /

Collective Exhibition, "Political.colors" Studio38 Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2006 Guest to the Europe Exhibition 2006 at the Museum of Young Art "Moya"

Collective Exhibition, Studio38 Gallery, (Domestic Animals, animals or beasts) Vienna, Austria

Collective Exhibition "Root and Moments", Cultural Museum "Kunstwerkstatt", Tulln, Austria

2005 Exhibition in the Cultural Centre, Galería Caisa, Helsinki, Finnland.

Exhibition in the Residence of the Venezuelan Embassy, Vienna, Austria.

Exhibition "BLICK2 BLICK2", Culture Centre WUK, Project Room, Vienna, Austria (

2004 11th International Biennal Festival of Portrait-Drawing and Graphic ́04, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Montmartre "Kunst im Park" (Culture at the Park), Vienna, Austria (

"Malerei im freien in Königstetten" (Painting under open sky in Königstetten), Königstetten, Austria.

2003 Exhibition "The Venezuelan Art Salon in Budapest". Hungary Cultural Foundation, Budapest, Hungary.

2002 Exhibition "Latin American artists in Vienna" in the "Wiener Integrationsfond", Vienna, Austria.

Exhibition "The Venezuelan Art Salon". Galerie Mouratti, Vienna, Austria.

2000 Participation at the "Expo Hannover 2000" as artist of the Venezuelan Pavillion, Hannover, Germany.

Exhibition "Eierversum". Expo Hannover 2000, Hannover, Germany.

1997 Exhibition of paintings and sculptures "National Day of the artist" AVAP, Caracas, Venezuela.

1994 IX Annual Exhibition "Luis Alfredo López Méndez". Caracas, Venezuela.

I Exhibition "Juan Lovera" (Municipal Prize of Visual Arts). Caracas, Venezuela.

VII National Biennal of Drawings from Caracas, Venezuela.

III Art Exhibition "Cristóbal Rojas". Los Teques, Miranda State, Venezuela.

1993 XXI Exhibition of Paintings Fernando Valero. Caracas, Venezuela.

II Exhibition of Paintings "Cristóbal Rojas". Los Teques, Miranda State, Venezuela.

VIII Annual Exhibition "Luis Alfredo López Méndez". Caracas, Venezuela.

Annual Exhibition "Bijoux Wizo". Caracas, Venezuela.

1992 I Exhibition "CAPMI Aragua" in the Oper Theater. Maracay, Aragua State, Venezuela.

I Collective Exhibition at the "Santa María" University, Caracas, Venezuela.

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lively, exciting, rough, truthful, druggy, black-hearted, vicious art

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A South African based illustrator, graphic designer and book maker.

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Illustrator, graphic and web designer based in Dublin, Ireland

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Colin Hyman is a British professional photographer, born in 1951 in the year of the rabbit. His wife is a famous Chinese actress, with whom he shares an avid interest in mysticism. He held his first solo mystical fine art photography exhibition at the FRINGE club at Central in Hong Kong in July 2010. Beginning his career in engineering, he used memo motion, an interest shared by Salvador Dali. Besides a degree in organisation studies at Lancaster University, he has postgraduate qualifications in mathematics and information systems management.

Dear followers,
I earnestly appreciate your interst in my art. Every single person is a source of motivation for me and I always take a look back at your galleries.

On the other hand is earning income as an artist an extremly hard job. I'm a freelancer in the real life, which means that there are days with more than 12 hours of work and many weeks in the row without weekend. So I'm simply not able to get more involved in the artistical exchange offered by Artflakes.

A. Lukasik-Fisch

Born 1973 in Warsaw, Poland.
Graduated 1997 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
Living in Germany.
Main fields of activity:
Commercial human and horse portrait.
Book illustration.
Vector-based designs for industrial metal laser-beam cutter.
Design for print media.


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Da bin ich....demnächst mehr über mich und nun viel Vergnügen in meiner Galerie.

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Graphic designer by profession, photographer by hobby.

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I am an artist primarily working with good ol' pencil and paper, then later coloring in Photoshop. Recently I've gotten into using Sharpie - mostly designing on paper but sometimes objects such as headphones and hard drive and computer cases. I strive to evoke a specific mood through the use of color, texture and perspective in every project I work on.

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Born in Turkey, lives in Copenhagen. Conservator/photographer.

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London based designer/illustrator who likes alpine, kitsch, kawaii, snow, vintage, Matryoshka dolls, British nostalgia and Japanese craziness.

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john Duvengar is a French illustrator based in Rio de Janeiro where he works as a freelance designer.

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...just a normal guy, who loves to travel and take photos...

my Flickr:

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Coming soon, hold out! ;)

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Gianni Siragusa is a Lifestyle and corporate photographer with international experience, active in London and Paris.

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A photographer living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. I shoot mostly people and landscapes, deserted and abandoned places have a special place in my heart, and I love the color yellow.
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