Carlos Filipe Flores

Carlos Filipe Flores
After completing two courses in Photography and Video at Antonio Arroio, school of Arts in Lisbon, Carlos Filipe Flores then went on to study at the National Film and Television School in England ( Beaconsfield ) gaining a vast experience in Image, Composition and Illumination.

His work at school was mainly in medium format and in 35mm film/digital.

Carlos was 16 years old when he exhibited his first photography within a well known gallery in Lisbon after taking part in a competition. After this opportunity to exhibit his work at a young age, Carlos’s career has blossomed, driven by his love for photography, jumping into the world of commercial and advertising.

Since moving to London Carlos has worked as a freelance photography for the National Geographic London Store,, British museum, Prince Charles Charity, Rioja wines and other new established organisations.

Carlos at the moment is working for National Geographic London, but enjoys taking on extra work to expand his portfolio and to continue a lifetime passion.

Carlos Flores brings a unique quality to his photography, which not only includes his technical approach but also in the ideas he generates, this overall approach help to develop different concepts to his work and pushes boundaries, creating dynamic and ambitious photography, which is greatly appreciated and received by his clients, as well as being admired by all.

Carlos Filipe Flores, was born in Lisbon in 1983, and has been living in London since 2004.

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