Catastropher (Christopher Creath)

Catastropher (Christopher Creath)

Christopher Michael Creath is a California native, born to a Swedish migrant and American father, finding contrast in culture, and mindsets from a young age. Exploring the dichotomous nature of people and the world around us, in an attempt to reconcile the contradictory, yet ultimately complimentary halves of our whole, is the purpose of his work.

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Die Vier Jahreszeiten bilden das zentrale Thema der hier angebotenen Arbeiten. Zahlreiche Aufnahmen sind dabei im Raum Dresden entstanden. Einige Wenige wurden während eines Aufenthalts in der Schweiz festgehalten.

Als Kamera kam für alle Aufnahmen die kleine Allzweckwaffe CANON Ixus 80 IS zum Einsatz. Die vermeidlich veralterte Kompaktkamera ist bereits seit 5 Jahren mein alltäglicher Begleiter und Sie hat mich bisher nur selten enttäuscht.

Bei Fragen einfach Fragen, es soll keine Frage unbeantwortet bleiben! :)

Mit freundlichem Gruß,

Who is Mark Fenwick?

1) At school my favourite lessons were art and mathematics. I was a shy, quiet, happy child living in a world of my own. In this world, where the imagination ruled, anything was possible!

2) I’m a web publisher, artist, and fine art photographer living in West Lancashire, England.

3) I studied photography, art and printmaking at Chester Art College, and have exhibited my work throughout the UK.

4) My images are a marriage of realism, imagination and mystery. I specialize in digital art, fine art photography, and mixed media work.

5) My inspiration for my art comes from nature, the landscape, the neo-romantic painters, poets, philosophers, mathematics, mystery, and the magic of life.

6) I’m also passionate about books and reading, and fascinated with things from the past, things like old vintage photographs and prints. I love anything that is quirky and strange and is surrounded with mystery.

7) Two other joys in my life are cycling and walking. Nothing gives me greater enjoyment than trekking out into the great outdoors.

8) Finally, I like ideas and thinking and seeing new things. As I travel along the path of life, I remain open and constantly curious...

“I yearn for the loneliness of the open road, the denseness of a forest, the emptiness of the mountains, and the coldness of the sea!”

Photographer from the US east coast.

Conspiring Empires.
(No honor among thieves, no trust among royalty.)
Cabinet door circa 1922 (Long Beach)
Oil, Aerosol, Wood Stain

Illustrator and Artist have fun enriching the world with happy figures and pictures. Happy, cute and colorful are catchwords that are inseparable connected to the works of Bubblefriends.


Soraya Matos spent her childhood always introspective, observing, drawing, cutting papers and sewing.

Growen up, with a degree in graphic design and after studying fashion design, she felt in love with illustration. Today she transforms all that memories from her childhood and her experience in design into ludic, feminine and delicate illustrations, with some surprises in it.

She works as a freelancer, using different techniques, including watercolor, nankin, acrylic and digital art.