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Caterina Baldi

Caterina Baldi

She was selected by Bologna children's book fair 2011 and by Annual Illustratori 2011 (2009, 2010). In 2011 her works was exibited in Japan at Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum,Takahama Kawara Museum, Otani Memorial Art Museum and Itabashi Art Museum.
Caterina Baldi (03/06/1983) graduated from the School of the Book of Urbino, with a degree in Literature at the University of Milan and Visual Arts Academy of Brera, Erasmus University of Leeds (UK). Try to travel and to read as much as possible. Ranging from illustration to graphic design. She works in Italy and abroad. During the Hight School, she has received several awards for the animated short film The Train (2002).

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Imagine a world without photography..

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I was born in 1987, living in Turkey. Although I studied economics at university, I have been much more interested in photograhy since April 2006.!/EsmahanOzkan
If You want buy some other work(on my other account you saw), you can write me with your request.

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Weronika Mamot (littleflair)

who is flair?
Sixteen year old up coming fashion photographer
A girl who eats candy for a breakfast.
i like my camera, film and wearing dresses,passionate love with my darling.

Photography is my oxygen. I can do everything to immortalize fleeting moments.

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Cool Hunter

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~ visual artist
~ photographer
~ writer

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Susanne Freitag was born in Bad Godesberg Germany, grew up in Nuernberg Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1978. She attended Washington State University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in painting and electronic imaging. Her areas of concentration are mixed media, sculpture, as well as illustration. Susanne’s work has been exhibited in both the United States and Germany.

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Hello all! Thanks for being here... I hope you'll enjoy my work and my passion.
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photograph, which hold firmly, and what fascinated by the possibilities to enter the digital processing, the captured so again as you would like to remind, opens the possibility for arranging experienced the reality itself. I hope you have fun and enjoy my pictures

Art and photography has completely changed my life both thinking and the way I choose to live my life.

For 20 years working as photographer and related jobs, bring me load of time spending with myself and also be able to explore the things surrounding such as human, nature and life.

A camera is such a media to express my ideas, my feeling and my soul while an abstract that shown truly I am will always hide in my work.

An art history helps getting the way of working; Thought changes .... Works changes.

The basic is our mind. A fineness of thought and feeling will create beautiful and creative works.

I consume variety of arts everyday for myself inspirations and un-cling my thought all the time.

I always racing with myself and that bring me a happiness.

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Persistant, Unconventional, and Professional. 3 words that describe Crump's work, person, and work ethic. Born and raised a military brat, now an Illustrator and Designer in New York creating off the wall designs and artwork.

With 6 years under his belt working in the animation, multimedia, and illustration industry, Crump continues to strive to be the best and provide top quality and perfection in his work. During that time Crump has worked with the best talent in NY as well as had multiple clients; Nike, Mattel, Activision, General Mills, Yoplait Yogurt, General Motors.

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I was born in Bucarest, Romania . I'm currently living in Italy , Milan.
I've attended to the CANON ACADEMY

Photoshop Creative Magazine - aug-sep 2011 , ISSUE 78 , page 17

♦♦♦ COPYRIGHT NOTICE ♦♦♦: ALL MY ART PIECES ARE REGISTERED COPYRIGHT WITH ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: © Patricia Dinu. The purchase of any my prints do not transfer reproduction rights.

Über mich sagen die Leute: Der war's.

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I am a freelance illustrator living and working in Boston. I'm currently working on developing a children's book, comics and posters.

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Art director and motion designer.