Cathy Lê Thanh

Cathy Lê Thanh

I'm a 24 years old self-taught photographer from France.

In my work, i love to tell stories and particularly stories about magic, dreams, spiritualism, paranormal activities, belief and spychology.

I love a million things.
I love the sun. i love the stars. i love the moon. i love trees. i love flowers. i love ice creams. i love dresses. I love the sea. i love the sand. i love animals. i love cupcakes. i love to watch people. i love the sky. i love the wind in my hair. i love music. i love beautiful sad songs. i love crazy people. i love quite everything but most of all i love to dream.
Dreams are amazing... the dreamland is the only place you can feel free to do whatever you love... you can fly, you can fight a big green dragon to save the prince! yes! you can change the world!
that's why i'm trying to picture my dreams so i won't forget them. dreams are somewhow the reflection of us in life and so are my pictures. the reflections of who i really am.

i'm so happy to share my work with you and i hope you'll love it.

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