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Claudio D'Agostino

Claudio D'Agostino

I'm an italian 3d artist born in palermo in 1989.
This are some of my works, guess you like it

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Alfa Romeo 147 turn at Monte Erice 2011, Sicily, Italy

Photo of the Fiat Grande Punto Abarth Super 2000 at the start of Rally Targa Florio in Palermo

Scandola's Ford Fiesta at the start of the Targa Florio 2011 in Palermo

black white and yellow peugeot 207 rally in Palermo, Rally Targa Florio '11

rally car in the city with light turned on

Claudio D'Agostino is now following Tom Hanslien

Freelance photographer based in London, UK.
Originally from Norway, but after three years in Maidstone UK and equipped with a BA (HONS) degree in photography, have been working as a freelance photographer and retoucher in London since 2000.

Claudio D'Agostino is now following Sean Davey

Sean Davey is a Hawaii based professional, specializing in water photography and coastal based photo shoots. Sean's images are sought after by advertisers and publishers, the world over and have appeared on well beyond a hundred magazine covers. Over the past several years, Sean has embraced the artistic side of his craft more and over this time has built quite a name for himself in the art world with 4 solo shows in Hawaii, Australia and Brazil, as well exhibiting at many art shows upon invitation. Sean's newest art show, entitled "Sun King" is due to occur in Sao Paulo, Brazil during late May. For more info about Sean check out his website at

Our love for traveling started more than twenty years ago in a plane somewhere in the skies of South America when a man showed us his passport stamped in several Antarctic scientific bases. We immediately decided to go there. That was the beginning of numerous adventurous trips to many remote parts of the world.
Our pictures appear on a regular basis on the UNESCO World Heritage website as well as on brochures and exhibitions related to conservation.
Since 2005, we switched to digital photography and attended many workshops.

G & M Therin-Weise

This is portfolio by a freelancer illustrator Kotryna Zukauskaite aka Kata Illustration.

//Looking for an AGENT for British/European market//

Vilnius - Moscow - London



FACEBOOK FAN PAGE:!/pages/Kata-Kiosk/175076925843579


I'm inspired by symbols and metaphors, Aesopian Language, fairy-tales, folk tradition, ornaments, Hieronymus Bosch and European art of his life-time, education, diversity of human capacities and talents, brain explorations, statistics and other data, languages, literature, politics, social issues, and living in different countries.

Alma Littera publish., New Scientist magazine, Šviesa publish. (electronic educational games department), Scaent Baltic Energy, Miesto IQ magazine (IQ. The Economist since April 2010), Lithuanian National Television, Pravda magazine, Cukrus Magazine, YEN magazine, EU project 'Vilnius - European capital of culture 2009', UK STYLE shop in Moscow and others


Mistakes, 20/21-12-2008, in Project Fabric, Moscow

End-year show, June 2009, BSHAD, Moscow

Degree show Stick 'em up, June 2010, Kingston University, London

Stick 'em up #2, June 2010, LBI, London

End-year show, (as an ex-student), June 2010, BSHAD, Moscow

Haarlem Stripdagen, bi-annual event on a theme of Eastern European illustration, June 2010, Netherlands


Vodka Russian Standard, Christmas communication piece, winner, 2008, live project in BHSAD, Moscow

D&AD student awards, IN BOOK, 2009 (music video for pigsy in space)

Creative Quarterly, place in online gallery, issue 17 (published on december, 2009)

3x3 Merit winner in animation category (professional show), 2010


Collage/Montage (Hand-made / Adobe Photoshop) mixed with Vector illustrations (Adobe Illustrator)

Claudio D'Agostino is now following Kareem Rizk

Born in Australia in 1982, Kareem Rizk is a Melbourne-based collage artist, illustrator and designer who graduated from Monash University in 2004 with a Bachelor in Visual Communication.

After graduating, Rizk’s creative interests began to turn to fine art and illustration, particularly mixed media collage. While working as a Graphic Designer at Melbourne’s No.1 selling newspaper, The Herald Sun, his interest in collage continued to develop and by 2006 it became a focus of his endeavours.

Since his shift of focus to fine art and illustration in 2006 and his pursuit of developing his style, Rizk has gained extensive international recognition and has been noted as one of the contemporary masters of collage, as well as one of the premier mixed media artists working today.

Working mediums include collage, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, solvent transfers and acrylic transfers. The work is highly textured and often multi-layered with a nostalgic and weathered quality. Rizk’s works can often be vibrant with colour, while others display a very refined or minimal palette.

Working methods also extend to digital collage with a very gritty and realistic display of texture and layering. The digital work began as an experiment in blurring the line between handmade collage and digital collage.

Other work includes freelance illustration, design and art commissions for various clients including news and editorial publications, galleries, university institutes, the boutique fashion industry and the music and entertainment industry.

Exhibitions include solo shows and group shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami, London, Stockholm, Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid and Milan. Rizk's work has been published in numerous high profile art magazines and books and his work is held in private collections worldwide.

I am a freelance illustrator and surface print designer.

My work is very stylised, with a strong focus on bold print and detailed illustration. Vivid colour and pattern is my ultimate passion.
I like creating work that brightens up a room, makes you smile, but I also enjoy confusing people in a way.

I often embed imagery, into my artwork, that contradicts what you expect to find in my vibrant celebratory print style.
I like to reflect the problems within society in my prints, often discretely, to reflect the underlying evils that exist in the world.
This slightly more sinister element gives my work more depth and really makes you think, what is going on in that picture?

My prints and illustrations are very much influenced by the work of Pop Artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. I admire the physical impact of their work. I am passionate about any designer that has a love for colour and print.

I can create any custom illustrations and prints, so if you have something in mind then please do drop me a line.

Any questions, I would love to hear from you.

MyVisualCreation is inspired by artists who seek more of everyday life by way of creative freedom and internal vision. MyVisualCreation's philosophy is also to inspire others to channel ideas through creative power of imagination and translate their message through photography. It is connecting the gap between artists and media. At MyVisualCreation, we strive to differentiate ourselves through the creative process that allows for true expression to materialize. Melissa Salter is a graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography.

baroque represetation of the way to the heaven

paradoxical representation of the relationship between uman light and nature green

this is a mix of colors, the perfect mix of colors, they call it "rainbow"

when blue stripes meet white stripes, there born a star

a group of pine cone attack the world, simply a dream, or a nightmare...or something like that...