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Ulrike lebt und arbeitet in Berlin.
Als freie Künstlerin und Designerin arbeitet Ulrike an verschiedenen Projekten, unter anderem für Film und Theater, sowie auch in den Bereichen Malerei/Grafik, Illustration und Konzept Design. Mehr zu Ulrikes Arbeiten findet ihr unter .

Willkommen in Ulrikes Bilderwelt und viel Freude beim Anschauen der Arbeiten!

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Ruben Ireland is a graphic artist and illustrator based in London.

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Rachel Caldwell (a.k.a. Thirsty Fly) is a painter and illustrator based in Philadelphia, PA, USA. After earning a B.F.A. from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania—where she studied graphic design, printmaking, and drawing—she worked as a graphic designer and art director for several years. Since 2006, Rachel has spent much of her free time creating pen-and-ink illustrations and surrealistic oil paintings. Artist Statement: "My goal is to achieve a visual experience that is beautiful and serene with clean lines and movement, but that also contains elements of the strange, surreal, or dreamlike. I want to create images that take elements from real life and combine them with unexpected surprises such as replacing owl feathers with ligatures/swashes. If there is an opportunity to exaggerate, I love that, too. I'm drawn to the complex line work involved in creating flowing hair, graffiti, or exposed muscles. I hope my viewer finds a combination of beauty and amusement in my concepts and subject matter."

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Jeroen Derks, artist, (Virtual Reality)-programmer and designer, is a programmer \ designer at Radboud University. His job is to create, develop and oversee projects containing visual stimuli.

For this job Jeroen is mostly self taught starting coding and 3d modelling at the age of 14 and is a graduate of Multimedia Art in Eindhoven, did an internship at New Media Systems - Gent (Belgium) working on visual design projects for Decathlon and various other companies. Has worked as a free lance visual designer mainly on websites and VJ-visualizations. After his second internship (Radboud University RIVERlab) he got offered a job as Virtual Reality animator and programmer.

In a univeres full of shuch breath taking color and beauty, one should be incapable of doing nothing more than giggling and dancing shoeless in celebration. however to a man with un-tempered black and white thinking colors are hard to manage, the universe gets strange and colorful people stranger. when the grey areas baffle you, how then do you cope with a rainbow?

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Sabrina Tibourtine wurde 1979 in Paris geboren und wuchs gut behütet im Sauerland auf. Nach mehreren Europaeskapaden, einem gescheiterten Kunstgeschichts-und-einem geglückten-Designstudium arbeitet sie seit 2005 als freiberufliche Illustratorin und Animatorin unter dem Namen "EINE DER-GUTEN" in Köln. Sabrina Tibourtine lehrte ausserdem an der Hochschule Niederrhein “Animation und Handzeichnung”. ” 2008 gewann sie den Alternativen Medienpreis für ihr Minisprech Projekt.

Hochschule Niederrhein (Kommunikationsdesign)
University of East London (Graphic Design)

Charles Wall has uploaded Liberation

This piece explores the ever expanding woman's movement in our society and the leaps that are still being made today... no matter how wierd it gets at times!

Stories told to children are often double edged weapons, masked as cute. Often the most charming characters seep sarcasm, prejudice and under tones of a hardened writer, broke and cynical. So often teaching our youth to take hints of what is "really" going on. It seems to me thing we give our children to enjoy while the develop might be the same things that help cool thier soul.

Satin is so often depicted as scary, well thought out, intentionally evil. If there truly is this "satin" then in my opinon he has continually been painted wrong. For I must have met him in a past life. Reflecting on "my satin" of the past, I realized I was not lead into evil by a dark voice, no. It was the child within. If anything satin is a small demented boy, playing with me like a mere hand puppet.

Charles Wall has uploaded Untitled

This piece was created in 2008 with charcoal on paper in the Utah Sate Prison.
It is one of the most popular black and whites from the time. the original is owned by private collector/gallery owner, Rita

This piece was created with charcoal on paper, in the Utah State Prison 2008. After four Years of red tape, I earned the right to receive proper supplies to create sellable artwork. Three days later, after contemplating the rigorous treck I just completed, along with the tough rode ahead... Contemplation was complete.
It is a personal favorite in my black and white Prison Art Collection.