nicole alman

nicole alman

I'm a freelancer graphic artist specialising in 3D modeling, illustration and graphic design

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nicole alman has uploaded Horse

Abstract sketch of a horsey

nicole alman has uploaded Cliffs

Cliff drawing done after playing 'Dear Esther'

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I have been illustrating for over 30 years and have been lucky enough to have been publised by Accent UK and Running Press. I specialise in Sci Fi and Comic Art and have currently been selling portraits.
I am in the process of creating my own comic books and I am working closely with editors and other illustrators to expand on some more ideas....

nicole alman has uploaded cyber girl

started as an experiment with a program called 'alchemy' which then got cleaned up in photoshop

limited to 100 prints

a photoshop painting inspired by georgia o'keefe

limited to 200 prints

nicole alman has uploaded ruby flowers

3d model study of gilded flowers

nicole alman has uploaded fig

Photoshop still life study of figs

nicole alman has uploaded robot zombie

3d model of a robot zombie emerging from smoke