Chris Cox

Chris Cox

Hi, im an artist living in gainsborough uk and my work is varied using most mediums but most of my work consist's of pencil portraits because im often commissioned to draw them and have won awards for my pencil work.
I have my own website for commission portraits at and this is where most of my work comes from.
When im not working on commissions i will get my paints out and paint what appeals to me at the time which is varied and can be anything from landscapes to abstract depending how i feel.
Thank you so much for stopping by and i hope you find somthing in my work you like.
Warm regards,

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Chris Cox has uploaded Love not War

Teddy Bear against a brick wall with graffiti saying Peace is cheaper than war, converted to black and white with selective colour.

Chris Cox has uploaded Always the Sun

Sun glare through pine trees.

Chris Cox has uploaded Cross of bark

Macro shot of a fallen tree with a cross shaped patern in the bark.

Chris Cox has uploaded Fallen Monarch

Macro shot of a glass chess set lit from below by orange lamp.

Chris Cox has uploaded Blue Guitar

Blue six string acoustic Guitar.

Chris Cox has uploaded Highly strung

Macro Guitar photography, shot taken just after strumming to give the strings movement.

Chris Cox has uploaded The Doctor

Pencil drawing of Valentino Rossi, nine times moto gp world champion.

Chris Cox has uploaded Barry Sheene

Pencil drawing of Barry Sheene MBE three times world motorcycle champion.

Pencil drawing of Sir Stirling Moss driving the beautiful Mercedes W196 at Aintree England to victory and becoming the first British driver to win the British Grand Prix.

Oil on Canvas 50x40.
The Holden Effigy concept car with a backdrop of the Sydny opera house and harbour bridge.

Watercolour painting on 300gms Canson Montvale watercolour paper.
The Northern Lights or Aurora borealis could be seen as far south as London earlier this year due to extreme solar flare activity and i had to paint it.

Chris Cox has uploaded Bob Marley

Watercolour painting on 300gms Canson Montvale.

The late great Bob Marley.

Chris Cox has uploaded The King

Acrylic painting of Elvis Presley, painted in a popart style.

Chris Cox has uploaded Graham Hill

Watercolour painting on 300gms Canson Montvale watercolour paper.

This painting depict's Graham Hill in his world championship winning Lotus Cosworth 49b at the Nurbergring Germany, all Lotus cars manufactored in this year had a black badge as a show of respect for Jim Clark who sadly died in a fatal racing accident the previous year.

James “Jim” Clark was born on the 4th march 1936 in Fife Scotland; he was a natural born racer who mastered many forms of motor car racing from his early day’s racing in local hill climb and road rally events to his 18 race wins racing in the jaguar and Porsches sports car events and then his two F1 world championship wins for Lotus.
Jim still holds the F1 record for the highest percentage of possible championship points in a season at 100% and also holds the records for the highest percentage of laps in the lead in a season and the most grand slams taking pole, fastest lap and race wins in 8 races of a season.
Jim is also the only racing driver to win both the Indy 500 and the F1 world championship in the same season.
He was a brilliant racing driver who raced at a time when the sport was so dangerous that a driver was killed almost every season and Jim along with all the drivers of that era were true gladiators risking there lives week in week out for the love of racing.
On April 7th 1968 Jim was fatally injured when his car left the track and hit a tree at the Hockenheimring in Germany, he was just 32 years old.
Motor racing is still a very dangerous sport but because of the lessons learnt by the loss of talented racing drivers like Jim Clark there are many safety regulations to protect drivers and deaths are now thankfully few and far between.
This painting shows Jim Clark at Paddock hill bend Brands Hatch in his championship winning Lotus 49 powered by the Ford Cosworth engine.

Chris Cox has uploaded Fab Four

Acrylic painting of the Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Chris Cox has uploaded Hole Shot

Pencil drawing on 220gms acid free paper of a custom motorcycle by Hole Shot custom.

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MyVisualCreation is inspired by artists who seek more of everyday life by way of creative freedom and internal vision. MyVisualCreation's philosophy is also to inspire others to channel ideas through creative power of imagination and translate their message through photography. It is connecting the gap between artists and media. At MyVisualCreation, we strive to differentiate ourselves through the creative process that allows for true expression to materialize. Melissa Salter is a graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography.

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Chris Cox has uploaded Reminiscenses

Pencil drawing on A3 220gms paper.
female nude with her back to viewer.