Christopher Waddell

Christopher Waddell

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Panorama of the Alps and Mont Blanc with a layer of cloud above Lake Geneva, taken in Switzerland

Cathedral of St. Anastasia Tower in Zadar, Croatia.

One of the small waterfalls in the Plitvice National Park, Croatia.

Icebergs on the Jokulsarlon black sand beach in Iceland, at sunrise.

A photo of a U.S. Navy plane wreck on the black sand beach of Southern Iceland. I believe this plane crashed here in the 1970's after running out of fuel. The picture was taken at sunset, however volcanic ash blowing down from the nearby volcano blocked out the sun, creating a moody atmosphere.

Photo of the church on top of the hill in Chateau D'Oex, Switzerland during winter.

Red leaf with water droplets on it, on a wooden background.

Close up photo of a coloured water droplet.

A winter sunset, behind the silhouette of a dead tree.

Close up photo of water droplets splashing into a glass.

A gondolier and his gondola on the canal in Venice, Italy.

Panoramic shot of the boats and skyline on Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Blue water droplet in a glass.

Water droplet creating a liquid crater in a glass.