Claude Peyrouse

Claude Peyrouse

Welcome to my Gallery!

Native from the South of France, I have lived in Quebec for over 30 years. My art is a combination of two worlds at once figurative and abstract. I use mixed media: digital art, drawing and watercolor.

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"Coffee is black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love."
Turkish Proverb

Claude Peyrouse has uploaded Dear Bear

A small wink to our denatured animals....

Mister Fox symbolizes energy and cunning. Under his red fur and his sly look, the animal uses its charms ...

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Take a break from your daily routine and walk next to me for some time. I hope you will enjoy!! As you can see, I like it dreamy, surreal & painterly....

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Ruben Ireland is a graphic artist and illustrator based in London.

Welcome to my Gallery and thanks for your visit!
I am a german Graphic Designer and mom living in Switzerland.

~ anything can happen in a world that holds such beauty ~ Peter S. Beagle

Das Bild finden ist der Anfang, es zu bearbeiten der Weg, es in meinen Augen stimmig fertigzustellen, das Ziel.

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Little wink to the men of the woods...

At the return of cold, all creatures hide. Hybrid composition between man and bear.

Claude Peyrouse has uploaded Louna

Illustration a tad childish drawn from mythology and folklore involving rabbit and moon.

Claude Peyrouse has uploaded Arabica

Coffee is the second most consumed liquid after water. A little wink at this little pleasure offering a sensory experience highly enjoyable.

Claude Peyrouse has uploaded Bubble

In this illustration at once playful and imprint of melancholy, a tribute to the little pin-up became Hollywood Star (Marilyn Monroe).

Claude Peyrouse has uploaded In Flight

Illustration of a quotation from Gabriel Faure. Music is to raise us as far as possible above what is.

Claude Peyrouse has uploaded Frugal

Pastiche of the famous painting American Gothic (1930) of the American painter Grant Wood. Table considered a satire of the rural life.

Combination of two symbolic elements... The door and ear express the paradox of closed and open. These are two crossing points through which, assault and charms are revealed.

The beluga has become in spite of himself and a current global symbol of threatened wildlife. A strange fascination flat around this strange white creature with almost extraterrestrial paces.