Natasa Stanisic

Natasa Stanisic

Collageology is my collage - project which represents my research of the sphere of the subconscious (personal and collective), repressed unpleasant feelings of guilt, fear and pain, as well as my relationship with religion, love and sexuality.

Influences of Surrealism and Dadaism are strongly expressed in Collageology.

I tried to combine the fragments of different images and put them in specific composition to achieve certain atmosphere and successfully communicate the original idea.

I hope you like the result of this process.

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Hello all! Thanks for being here... I hope you'll enjoy my work and my passion.
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Love Photography & Design.
My work consists of color and strong compositions.
You can find me on twitter @Nika1975

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Blurring the lines between fine art, fashion, and commercial design, I take pride in providing unique solutions to all sorts of creative challenges. I experiment with various processes, production methods and design styles in order to find and explore new routes of visual communication.

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her words are her problem,
the words of others her passion.

Mme. Illustration !

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Jesse Treece is a collage artist living in Seattle, Wa whose work screams of the simple, yet ever complex, interpretations of both the mundane and whimsical facets of life. He’s somehow managed to mix both the regular and absurd, beautiful and disturbing and put them into images that you find you could get lost in for hours. His tools of the trade include scissors, glue and vintage magazines/books.

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also known as Grape Frogg.

A San Francisco Fine Artist and Illustrator. Lover of Nature, coffee, oil paints, charcoal and all things collage.

Image Composer and Photographer !

I was born in Madrid in 1981 in the tender age of zero. As it was hard to express myself in words, I started doing so by drawing. Since then I comunicate better with a pencil than talking.

I was never a good student. The only thing I liked were the textbooks with ilustrations and if not, I would fill the white parts with my scrabbles. The relationship I had with my teachers was never productive, it is not good to mingle a bad student with dull and demotivating teachers. With seventeen I started studying in a drawing school, but the teachers I had weren't very enthusiastic either. So I finished school and decided to become autodidactic and finally live from my drawings, since they lived from me.Thankfully or consequentlly to my stuburness, I spent a long time in my room improving and after a lot of effort, I finally got my first jobs.

Welcome to my Gallery and thanks for your visit!
I am a german Graphic Designer and mom living in Malaysia.

My art is completly digital. I use vintage photos, old pictures and illustrations, tare them apart to create a new image. I am inspired by surrealism, fairy tales, folklore and medieval times.