Cristina Ortiz

Cristina Ortiz

Photographer from Barcelona, Spain. Using analog processes and digital camera. Artwork using ancient technics from XIX century, like cyanotype and bichromated gum.
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Toned cyanotype over canvas

Toned cyanotype over canvas

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Cyanotype over canvas.

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‘Den Stoff sieht jedermann vor sich, den Gehalt findet nur der, der etwas dazuzutun hat,
und die Form ist ein Geheimnis den meisten.‘

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Grafiker und Fotodesigner.
Interessen: Fotografie, Mythologie, Anthropologie.
Fotografieren ist für mich Entdecken und gleichzeitig Meditation über die Welt. Bevorzugte Motive: Dramatische Landschaftsaufnahmen und Bekanntes aus ungewöhnlichem Blickwinkeln "geschossen".
Was mir immer wieder auffällt: Ein gutes Foto kann fast wie ein Gedicht gelesen werden.
Kamera: zur Zeit Nikon D90.
Wohnort: Bremen.
Alter: Schon ein paar graue Härchen :-)
Geplante Foto-Reise: Westen der USA.
Ich freue mich über Eure Rückmeldungen zu meinen Werken!

Original photography and art from Kevin James Photography and Whiteflash Original Prints.

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Analogic photo and digital process

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Analogic photo and digital process

Willy Marthinussen born 1967 in Bergen Norway. I am a fine art photographer. I started with painting for more than 25 years ago and then photography have been more and more my main tool as an artist. I am looking for tranquillity and inner peace in most of my shots. In my abstract shots you will hopefully find the feeling of dreamy relaxation.

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I'm a graphic designer and digital artist with 10 (plus) years of experience.
Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, available worldwide.

Artist Katerina Bodrunova began her career in 2009 as a self-educated photographer. Since then, she has exhibited her photography in several solo exhibitions throughout Moscow, has been published in art magazines, and has received numerous awards and honors from prestigious photographic competitions.

Most recently, Bodrunova exhibited her photography in Art Paris 2011 as well as Barcelona Showcase 2011. She was the recipient of four PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris, 2011 competition awards including: Gold in the category of Book Proposal (Series Only) for her photograph, Surrealism, Gold in the category of Book Proposal/People (Series Only) for her photograph,
Surrealism, Gold in the category of Advertising for her photograph, Underwater Dreams, and Silver in the category of Fine Art for her photograph, Life.Despite. The jury selected PX3 2011’s winners from thousands of photography entries from over 85 countries. Bodrunova also received First Prize in the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards Colour Contest category of Fine Art. In addition, her photography was selected for the Palais de Glace Exhibition which will take place this January in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also January and February 2012 her works have been chosen for “The 2012 Art Inter/National Exhibition” in Pittsburg, USA. Her photography appears in private collections across France, Italy, USA, and Germany.
Bodrunova's photographs defy conventional physics and show her subjects as weightless objects with an ability to transcend space and time. She explains, "Sometimes we change the space around us to fit our ideas and sometimes space, place, or time dictates their rules. We can fight or we can embrace, the choice is ours." She continuously explores her desire to search for something new, create her own reality, and define what is real.

I'm a colombian photographer and designer my work is focused in find artistic pathways to melt traditional cultural roots with a global worldwide vision. Right now my goal is to experiment with mixtures between classical (analogic) and digital techniques of representation, capture and print of images; trying to find a personal way to express my vision and feelings about a lot of topics.

I'm looking for my place in a world over populated and full of communication media but also full of isolated persons in tiny places, meaningless works and lacking of big dreams beyond money or fame.

I try to reflect in my work my concerns about my role like a man and an artist in a process between traditions and preconceptions and more post modern perceptions about my self, my sexuality, my place and my future.

Between traditions, rituals, history and a little dose of nihilism and a hedonistic search I try to find equilibrium. Im a bipolar person, my work is a catharsis, and a declaration of pride about my condition; my art pieces try to talk about my country, our wars, our pain, our dreams, our cultural melting pot and our never ending search of happiness.

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Ich muss mich ständig weiterentwickeln und darf nicht an einer Stelle stehen bleiben“, beschreibt Fotograf Lars Wieser seine Arbeit. „Es ist eine ständige Suche nach etwas, das „in der Luft liegt“ und das die Welt spiegelt, die um einen herum ist.“ Für ihn bedeutet Fotografie nicht, die Realität wahrheitsgetreu abzubilden – vielmehr filtert er die Realität und präsentiert sie dem Betrachter als eine imaginäre Welt der „Eleganz, des Chic und des Glanzes“.