Dana Post

Dana Post

Hello there,
Here's a quick little description of me.
My name is Dana Post, i'm currently 19 years old and living in London with my boyfriend. I was born in the Netherlands and at the age of around 15/16 i met my boyfriend online and since then i had a crush on him. I've recently met him and we decided to move in together, which for a while made me neglect my creative urges, but at some point i started getting a interest in Digital art. I decided to see how these 'graphic tablets' are and bought a cheap trust tablet. I really enjoyed it and the current works that are in my gallery are actually made with that tablet. I have now bought a Aiptek 14000u and i am yet to make something new with that. I hope you like my things!

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Dana Post has uploaded Fragile

This is one of my first - and favorites. Really enjoyed the horror'y style, i should do it more often.

Hope you like it!

Dana Post has uploaded Ja

One of my first digital works - Manga isn't my style but it was fun to do anyway. I personally like the skin and hair colour/shading alot.

Hope you like it!

Dana Post has uploaded Scribbles

All of it is scribbled (except some bits like the eyelid lines and eyelashes etc.) - Let's say all of the shading is scribbled in tiny scribbles. ; )

Hope you like it.

Dana Post has uploaded Meldamiriel

This one i a attempt on fan art of World of Warcraft, i've been a hard core fan for 6 years now and i always wanted to do this. I hope you like it!