David J French

David J French

I studied photography at Southport Art College in the Mid 1970’s and then worked for a large photographic studio in that area perfecting my trade. Wanderlust then caught me and I took my profession round the world photographing in the Far East including China, Japan, The Philippines and the Hong Kong – it was a wonderful experience.

When I returned to England I moved to London and started working in Photographic Laboratories where I specialized in the art of enhancing fine printing and then started specializing in Black and White printing and these photographs have continued to be my favourite to this day.

I then owned my own photographic studio in North London for many years and along with weddings, studios and commercial work, black and white still remained a passion.

But times change and I begun studying computer studies as a mature student and realized that Web Design, Flash Animation and Data Bases would become an important aspect of my photography work.

So now I am able to combine my love of Black and White Photography and Web Design and this enables me to take on Photographic projects and Website Hosting and Web Design and create bespoke websites for discerning people.

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