David Giral

David Giral

Born and raised in Brittany (France), David has been living in Montreal since 1997. He calls Montreal his home and is always looking to capture new places in the city.

Fascinated since his young age by beautiful architecture, landscapes and people, he discovered his passion for photography in 2004. Since then, his purpose in life has become to capture the beauty and the soul of the most amazing people and places wherever he is.

Through his landscapes and architecture photographs, he strives to capture a vibrant and beautiful reality. In portraiture, he is dedicated to create authentic, spiritual yet powerful portraits and actors headshots. Overall, his purpose is for his audience to feel as if they are part of each picture experiencing each image as vividly and sharply as possible.
Through his experience studying in geology and environmental management and with 5 years working as an QA architect/designer in test automation for a financial exchange, David brings to the table his expererience on how to manage projects rigourously and deadlines and create efficient processes as a photographer while staying creative.

Expressing his creativity through photography is a way for him to be connected to the universe.

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