Denise Fort

Denise Fort

Hi, I'm Denise. I'm an artist and designer from Europe. I'm drawing ever since I understood how to hold a pen. When we were children, my brother and I have been playing together all day long, every day . Playing meant creating, no matter what. I continued playing throughout my career training. I studied Industrial Design, played with Graphic Design, popped into many many different companies as a freelance designer, travelled the world with my fineliners and became an artist when I arrived in New Zealand 5 years ago. I'm still here in paradise and not going anywhere. Today I say, when I create, I play and I never stop playing, and never will, because it is my favourite thing to do in life ... I'm closing my account here but I see you soon in my own online shop because I prefer money money to buy more pens to draw more lines rather than vouchers from artflakes to buy art on artflakes ... what a crack up!

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The most beautiful place in the world of helicpoters!

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I was born in Italy where I have lived for most of my life and where I currently work as part-time illustrator. Starting at my earliest memories, I have always had a passion for drawing. Fed on a diet of cult TV, fairy tales and comic books I inexorably followed the path of imaginative art.
Stories feed the soul, I am an avid reader and I strongly think the illustrator is a storyteller who can create images and worlds made of magic, mystery, love, romance, tragedy, possibilities are limitless.

I began working as freelance commissioned illustrator few years ago and my work has appeared on several books and magazines. I enjoy the challenge of being a freelance as no two projects are the same and every day unlike the one before. My working technique includes mainly markers, pencils and watercolours with a painting style that often mix all these techniques together.

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Marine was born in Nantes, France, in 1983. She moved to Bordeaux to go to fine art school and then to Paris to the Graphic Design department of the school "Gobelins" where she graduated in 2006. Since then, she started to work in Bucharest in a video studio. After a while she started then to work freelance in Berlin.

Scientist think that this birdy is able to fly, because it sits on a tree..but they never have seen it flying! - ?

The scientist are not sure if Helicopter Birdies can fly!

The Helimarine is on its mission! Exploring, exploring, exploring! A never ending journey ...

Inspired by the beach in Ragaln, New Zealand. Rocks and flax and pure lines of waves ...

Inspired by the beach in Ragaln, New Zealand. Rocks and flax and pure lines of waves ...

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Funny Stuff & CO :)

Born and living in Gdansk, Poland.

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Enjoy everyday in creating new artworks.

My dream beach house - how I imagined it 6 years ago, living in little rooms, in little flats, in big cities, in big Europe. Today, in New Zealand, I'm living in a beach house. From my desk, I'm looking through a window facing the beach, overlooking the coastline of western North Island, and to the right, seeing the lights of Raglan burning warmly embeded into the hills of beautiful Aotearoa ... I'm living my dream.

3 years ago me and a good old friend from back home, Munich , Germany, arrived in a rental car on a rainy day in Raglan. I was on my 3 month trip through Australia & New Zealand. As so many backpapers in Raglan, we stayed on and on. My friend flew home and I stayed. I'm still here in Raglan, where I became an artsit and so I call it paradise ...

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For me everything began with the love for traveling and the wish to ban the unknown and fascinating - people, landscapes, situations - in pictures. Meanwhile I am a freelance photographer working in the fields of people and fashion as well as nature and urban/ urbex. Whats left is the love for strong composition and mostly decent colours. And I like the little strange, absurd and bizarre things for their beauty.

The world of bubble houses and helicopters is still not fully explored. There is still so much to discover and to learn. "The Coastline of the Bubble Sea" is just one many glimpses of the world of helicopters.

"A lonely Place" is one of 11 drawings of the serie "The Invadors", a story about the helicopters arriving in, setteling in and changing the just new discovered world. This drawing tells the story about one of the natural places left ...
The orignal artwork is hand drawn on a 1,5m x 1m canvas. The original drawing is made with waterproofed markers and fineliners.
The story, flora and architecture is inspired by years of travelling all over the world but mainly inspired by New Zealand.