Born in Iligan, the city of waterfalls, situated in the southeastern part of the Philippines. The eldest of three siblings, and often addressed as "kuya" a Philippine name for big brother. He grew up relocating from one city to another due to his father's job, and thus made him more independent and outgoing.

During his student years, most of the times, he could be caught drawing and sketching at the back pages of his notebooks, which became a habit even until he went to the university. Cartoon action characters such as Voltes 5, and Transformers filled them up. He extends his gratitude to his mother, Perla Dumago, to whom he admires as a good artist.

Upon attending the university in 1991, with his father's advice took up Architecture but after two years he decided to shift in order to pursue his long been passion. In 1997, he graduated from FEATI University Manila, Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Advertising, and was considered as an Outstanding Student Artist. He was also involved in various exhibits, conventions, and national competitions to which he won awards. One of which was in 1997, where his painting was featured in the cover of a Philippine telephone directory.

After years of making traditional art, in 1998, he focused his interest in digital media. He specializes in 2D illustration and digital painting. He has worked as a graphic designer for more than seven years, and as a lead concept artist in a game development company in the Philippines. In 2007 he worked in China working as a product designer and at the same time a freelance artist. After more than a year he return to his homeland and pursue his main interest in game development industry as a concept artist. Currently his now a lead concept artist and 3d artist in a game outsourcing company based in the Philippines.

His other interests includes photography, travel and leisure.

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