Danni Smurthwaite

Danni Smurthwaite

Danni has always been a fan of good old fashioned pen and paper but a few years ago become attached to her Graphics tablet, which has allowed a whole new dimension to progress her creativity.

After having commissioned pieces of her work published in magazines such as, Whos Jack, Fused and Fashion Central, Danni thought it was time to show the world what she could do.

Illustration has always play...ed a rather large and important role in her life. Danni is a 27 year old published artist as well as selling most of her artwork on her own clothing line and creating logos and artwork for fellow small businesses.

Danni loves to create scenester girls with attitude and brings them to life with saucy, quirky expressions and bold bright colour.

If you would like Danni to doodle some artwork for a publication or personal use just contact her to discuss details, Enjoy browsing Danni’s fashionable pencil marks.

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