I'm in Quezon City, Philippines and you can email me at mon_ahead@yahoo.com. Been doing photo manipulations for 3 years now and I hope you enjoy my works.

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I am a freelance fantasy illustrator based in London, UK. I live in a world of darkness, dreams, myths and fantasies.

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Ana Cruz is a digital artist from Portugal, Europe.

Her special passion is Photomanipulation and her main focus is Dark/Gothic art, always with strong emotional charge.
Always aiming for perfection and evolution, Ana started to add painted elements in her work in order to achieve bigger and deeper focus on the visual aesthetics of her art.

Currently, dividing her time with her own freelance business "Ana Cruz Arts", Ana is also geting a Graphic Design course, in order to expand her knowledge and areas of expertise.

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ana-Cruz-Arts/171162252906875