Edward Olive

Edward Olive

Edward Olive is an award winning fine art, portrait & wedding photographer.

Email: edwardolive@hotmail.com
Websites: www.edwardolive.eu

Edward Olive is a fine art, commercial, landscape, female erotic nude, boudoir, wedding, social event, corporate, commercial, advertising & portrait photographer based out of Madrid Spain. His work is regularly sold as book and music album cover sleeves and featured in magazines and newspapers around the world. Edward's photography comes principally from hand developed expired films shot on vintage analog cameras and handmade darkroom black & white silver gelatin and c-type colour prints that he makes personally.

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CityKat Stories was born at the Ira Ginzburg Creative Agency by people with passion for good design and travel to live life to the fullest. We specialize in the creation of interactive printed products for avid travelers who love off-the-beaten-path adventures.

We do this because this is how we explore the world.

We’re the ones who ditch the map and guidebook and look for the secret doors, the hidden staircases, the gardens tucked away. Our stories come from local experts who share their experiences about the little pocket places only insiders know.

But it's not just about the story.

All our products give you opportunities to design and record your personal memories. There’s always plenty of space for your own drawings, notes, tips, and stories. You can also inspire friends and family to travel, too.

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Meine Leinwand ist der Monitor, meine Farben sind Zahlen, meine Pinsel sind Formeln, meine Inspiration ist mein selbst entwickeltes Programm, meine Passion sind meine Bilder!

In den 90er Jahren habe ich angefangen, ein Programm zu entwickeln, mit dem ich Fraktale berechnen kann. Die Funktionen der Software wurden immer umfangreicher und die Bilder immer anspruchsvoller was die Rechenintensität, die Farbgebung und die Maße betrifft.

Mittlerweile habe ich das Programm in einer modernen Programmiersprache komplett neu entwickelt. Mein Rechner ist viel schneller als damals und die Bilder haben die X-fache Auflösung, so dass jetzt Poster in XXL-Größen in vertretbarem zeitlichen Aufwand möglich geworden sind.

Wenn Sie die Faszination eines meiner großen Computer-Bilder erleben möchten, suchen Sie Sich eins aus, konfigurieren Sie es nach Ihren Wünschen und geniessen Sie es bei Sich zuhause.

Viel Spaß beim Staunen!

Meine Profile:


Fraktale, Lyapunov-Diagramme, oft laut-bunt oder dunkel-mystisch.

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Landschaftsfotografie im Quadrat geht nicht? Geht doch!
Analoges Mittelformat oder klassisches 9x12 Großformat lebt.

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Authentic photographs, drawings and murals are my passions.
On Artflakes you'll find only a little part of my work.
Fotografin und Illustratorin, wohnhaft in Monfalcone/Italien mit Zweitwohnsitz in Graz/Österreich.
Ihr findet mich auch auf Facebook!

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I’m a fineartist from Germany.
No matter if traditional realistic art, abstract paintings, digital creations or a mix of everything – ART is my PASSION and ever since I can remember, I have loved drawing and painting and have nurtured and developed my talent over the years.

Portraits, nude art, animals, landscapes, still lifes, flowers, star pictures, cartoons or special illustrations (for publishers etc), book designs or different types of media (be it music CD covers and artwork or similar) are all part of my resume.

I draw & paint with charcoal, pastel, ink, oil, acrylic, aquarelle, pen, crayons, chalks.... and love to work with GIMP when I mix original art with digital art to create special designs for prints.

Art is always relative, has a certain uniqueness to the eye of the beholder, and as they say, a painter paints what they see, feel and think.
In a way my pictures are reflections of my soul, inspired from the sources of my life, impressed by my fascination for detail, created & immortalized by the hands of my heart. ;)

If you like to know more about my work or you have interest in an original work or your very own printed design (favourite color, witten name on it, special greetings for a loved one...) - just contact me.
Thanks :) x

FB: http://www.facebook.com/GittaGsArt/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GittaG74
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/gittag74

Some of my wallart prints (and/or on mobile cases, tshirts, pillows amm) you might find also here:


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Any reproduction, performance, broadcasting, hiring and / or lending is prohibited without my (possibly 3th parties) consent and has criminal and civil consequences.
All rights are reserved.

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My name is Linas Vaitonis. I was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. The city is lively, cozy and relaxed. It has a huge influence on my work and who I am. I'm currently based in Madrid, Spain. This is a great thing, because I try not to make my work very culturally specific.

I certainly don’t have the classical art school background because technically I’m an ecologist. Since I’ve got my master’s degree from Vilnius university, I have been working with various environmental projects, nature sciences laboratories and ecology consulting companies. I also worked as an editor for several years right after I finished high school. I started taking pictures just for fun. When I was twenty, I took my mother’s Nikon and started to shoot. I took pictures of literally everything. It was an obsession.

I try to take visually exceptional pictures and I don’t want to make any big statement by the way I present them. These stories are somewhere between the odd and the ordinary. Dream-like images revolve around the mystery and the secret. Continuous duality expressed through light, composition, colour, character and the truth about fiction and manipulation leads to inventions and playfulness. However, the pictures still refer to a world that real people inhabit.

Locating what is beautiful is always a challenge but the biggest difficulty I encounter creating my pictures is in making sure that the final images are just like I imagined them in my head. I like to play with unusual locations, trying to tell a story. In my opinion, the overall feel should be like in a movie, where the atmosphere plays an important role in transmitting the message. I'm striving to create a feeling that there is something yet to be revealed to come through in my work.

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i,i,i am art, am an artist. (more) i am married and madly in love with ruth, for thirty years now. our live changed forever this past Dec. 6. i found her flat face down on our beautiful kitchen floor. she lived thru a brain operation. fuc*ing strong woman she is. i am more in love with her today Feb. 23. the date of evil. the number of pure evil. art and ruth are real to me. nothing matters. our bond will survive as will both our lives. when i journey into life each day all my eyes see is her beautiful face, and overpowering blue eyes. those warm, loving, peaceful blue eyes.

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The shown pictures form a compendium.
Time and incident have a bearing of the content.

Sometimes, I will delete the one or the other and a new one will be added.

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Photography is my art and my creative outlet. I am an art photographer specializing in intimate and sometimes provocative images. I am interested in creating photographs that will stand the test of time. My work has been shown in galleries throughout the US and has been compared to that of Lucien Clergue, Nan Goldin and Arthur Tress.

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The shown pictures form a compendium.
Time and incident have a bearing of the content.

Sometimes, I will delete the one or the other and a new one will be added.

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Barbelotta und Klaas

Einfach eine Künstlergemeinschaft
Gemeinsam sind wir Stark
Gemeinsam schaffen wir vieles

Wir freuen uns über Eure Zahlreichen Besuche
Und Einkäufe


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graphic design & illustration

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Herzlich willkommen!
Schön, dass ihr euch meine Fotos anschaut. Ich wünsche euch viel Freude dabei :-)

Mich faszinieren alte, verlassene Bauwerke, ich probiere aber auch gern Neues aus und lasse mich vom Ergebnis überraschen.

Meine Hunde sind auch beliebte Fotomotive :-)

Dabei habe ich nicht den Anspruch an perfekte Bildaufteilung, Bearbeitung und Farbgebung, sondern möchte ich den meisten Fällen nur weitergeben, was mir gefällt und ich zeigenswert finde.
Könnte ich Emotionen fotografieren- ich würde es tun... so bleibt es bei dem Versuch und ich überlasse euch die Interpretation :-)

Natürlich freue ich mich sehr, wenn euch ein Foto gefällt :-)


House music dj deejay turntable mixing desk in Ibiza Spanish nightclub party still life digital photograph by Edward Olive photojournalist, fine art music, erotic, glamour, boudoir, erotica and female nude photography, portrait, commercial, corporate, advertising, wedding and social event photographer Madrid, Spain and Europe.
Bodegon de disc jockey de musica house in dicoteca en Eivissa Ibiza. Fotografía creativa artistica de Edward Olive fotografo de bodegones, desnudos artisticos femeninos, fotografia erotica femenina, boudoir, glamor, retratos, bodas, fotos artisticas, fotografia comercial y publicitaria en Madrid, España y toda Europa.