Elisa Roselli

Elisa Roselli

Hi, I'm Elisa, a biologist and digital painter based in Bologna. I love colours, nature, insects and my art is inspired by nature.
I love to describe the relationship between man and nature and reproduce everything that strikes me with particular attention to the light.
I paint digitally as this technology allows you to choose from many possibilities, brushes and colours.

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A new heroine: a queen in defense of bees!

Elisa Roselli has uploaded Bloom

Portrait of a woman among cherry blossoms, the pink colour gives a very pop look and expresses the desire for rebirth and the positive energy of flowering

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Hi! My name is Kotryna, aka KATA. I am developing my small illustration business KATA KIOSK and you can see how it goes at www.katakiosk.lt , also you can take a look to my professional portfolio at www.kata-illustration.com, or blog at www.kata-illustration.blogspot.com

I'm looking for a Representative for editorial commissions for British/European/North America market and you can contact me at katrez (@) gmail.com

A giant butterfly covers a woman's eyes, preventing her from looking. The inspiration for this image comes from a concept: sometimes we pretend not to see what we have caused to nature, protecting our conscience with small and sometimes useless ecological choices. The invitation is to truly love the world around us and to make right and courageous choices.

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A freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Indonesia. And also a terrible cook.

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Lisa Chow is a Houston based artist, illustrator, make believer and story teller.

Graduating from The University of Texas in Austin with a business degree in 2005, Lisa worked in the corporate environment for five years before pursuing a career in art full time. What began as participation in weekend local art markets has led to securing high visibility commissions and her first solo exhibition in 2011.

Armed with an overly active imagination, a healthy dose of creativity and self-taught skills learned through trial and error, Lisa’s work is whimsical, delicate, strange and nostalgic.

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b. 1986 - d. ...?

I've considered myself to be an artist as far back as I can remember. I've always recognized the importance, at least for my own sake, of art in life and life as an art.

I once tried to calculate how many kilometers I've ever hitchhiked, but I lost track somewhere after 50,000; and besides, that was a few years back.

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Freelance / Art Director. Spain (Barcelona)