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Chilean Illustrator / artist
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”Thanks, yes..all drawings by hand ;)“
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Josué Noguera is a freelance illustrator based in Murcia.

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The artist of dreams.

Daniela Diniz is a Brazilian young Digital and Traditional Artist. With her unique colorful style, she intends to express all fantasy, dreams, and feelings she has to whomever stares at it.

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Kayleigh is an visual communicator and visual artist based in the UK. She specialises in illustration and hand drawn typography, using her illustration and graphic design skills to create creative illustrations and effective pieces of design. Kayleigh enjoys using handmade elements and traditional techniques throughout her work, also combining it with digital elements. As an emerging visual communicator she has been published in magazines and her work featured in numerous places online.

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Geboren am 20.03.73 in Wiltz (L)

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I am a professional freelance illustrator and photographer based in Paris.
I take inspiration in my everyday life adventures as well as in my travels around the world.
I use and mix a range of different media to create unique images, traditional and numeric illustration, mixed with photography, collage, textures, types and much more...

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Artist, Film director, Photographer. "I do photography, when the idea appears in that way."

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”yeah, it ́s my personal view of that cartoons that i was used to see when I was little, the main idea was to put them in other situations, like paralel universes, this come when I .. little time ago, get the chance to see these cartoons again.. and the feeling was completely diferent now than when i was little you know... so I try to express them in this drawings in a very "rare" way I see them now... “
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Amanda Mocci is a Graphic Designer & Illustrator based in Montreal. Her work consists of intricate portraits, subtle color and strong black and white compositions.
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graphic design & illustration

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I'm a student, i'm 20 years old and i love graphic and photos.
I want to grow up and improve myself in this features.
I study Graphic Design in Laba in Rimini.
My favourite artist is Leonetto Cappiello.