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Farrah Zaneta

Farrah Zaneta

Hey! I'm Farrah Zaneta. but I wrote all my accounts as Farrahnanda. I love draw manga and my style is Shoujo. music is my passion, I can't live without music. I always grow up every March, 7th. I'm not a fashionista but i have a good taste on it. getting slim and tall is my obsessions. I like to be lonely and I enjoy "me time". crowd and noise don't fit with me. Black, Grey, and all dark colours are my favourite. I'm pure Indonesian but some people thought I got a half Chinesse because of my small eyes (but I dont think so). I always wanted to go to Europe, especially Romania and England. I taught myself English, Deautsch, Indonesian, and now I still try to learn Javanesse. I wish I could riding horse and learning skateboard. I'm a totally random person and complicated but simple sometimes. I don't know what that words supposed to be, but that's me. I got myself in cooking class and I love it. I live in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. and I'm a weird person tough!

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