Amanda Finan

Amanda Finan

My name is Amanda Finan and I am a Professional landscape Photographer specialising in Scottish landscape.

There are special moments in life that deserve to be captured, and I am passionate about capturing those moments through my photography.

I live in the beautiful country of Scotland in the United Kingdom and this is where my passion for photography started a few years ago.
Scotland has such beautiful scenery and I try to capture those wonderful scenes along my travels. You will very often find me on Rannoch Moor or soaking up the atmosphere of one of the many Lochs Scotland has to offer.

I love to capture those beautiful sunsets as they shine their light over a loch or watch the reflection of a tree dance on the surface of the water. The seasons of Scotland are so wonderful to see, from the summer glow and gentle breeze, to the crisp winter snow and the silence this brings.

I also have a passion for flowers which comes from being a professional Florist, but as my life has moved on in different directions now, I find pleasure in photographing their beauty instead. Over the last few years I have developed my own unique representation of them and I now have a wide variety of Artistic Florals.

I hope you enjoy my photographs and welcome to
My Beautiful World.....

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